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Since I am now working more closely some brands I haven’t had much contact with previously, I decided to buy a few items from work and try them out. Two of these items are from the brand Models Own.

Modelsown powder highlighter new products

I bought a Loose Powder and a compact Highlighter which you can see below!

Modelsown highlighter

Sculpt & Glow Highlighter 02 – Peach Pearl (149kr,

Modelsown highlighter Modelsown highlighter

Modelsown highlighter

And here is the loose powder called Grand Finale Loose powder. It is translucent in color.

Modelsown powder

Grand Finale Loose Powder (179kr,

Modelsown powder Modelsown powder

I was very surprised to see that the highlighter was very pink when you looked in the pan but when I swatched it on my finger/hand and on my face, it came out more white shimmery instead. Very pretty! As mentioned I do work with the brand but I was not paid to write this blogpost and I did buy the products myself. I am really digging both products and I can understand why they are the more popular products of the brand.

What have you tried from Models Own? Will you be giving these two base products a try?

Jag köpte 2 produkter från jobbet för att testa så det blev två av Models Own bästsäljare: highlightern och löspudret. Jag var super förvånad att highlightern ser rosa ut i the pan, men när man swatchar eller applicerar på ansiktet så blir det ett vit skimmer istället. Super fint! Jag var inte betalt för att skriva om detta och som sagt, jag köpte produkterna själv men jag kan definitivt förstå varför de är så populära! Har du testat models own produkter? I så fall, skulle du vilja testa de här två?

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