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I’m at it again and have been itching to change my hair color… Back in July, I dyed my hair Bright Orange and I LOVED the way it looked…However, the maintenance of the roots was just too much to deal… To the point where I just didn’t dye my hair for a number of months giving me lots of root-age! So. I started contacting hairdressers here in Sweden and 1) they wanted to book me on a Saturday since it would take them around 5 hours and 2) they wanted around 3500-5500 kr (!!) … Which I just don’t have to spend at the moment!

161017 New Hair Burgundy Red Plum Purple

Off to Maxi (food supermarket) and I found that Mood was on campaign price of 30kr (YES! THIRTY SWEDISH KRONAS!)… I also found the most amazing plum-purple so I bought 2 packages.

I was super worried about the “black” part of the name… so I decided to mix just a drop or two of both Pravana red & Pravana Violet into the mix just to make sure the color was a bit warmer and lighter.. Even though my color base was a bleach-like blond-orange.

My hair actually started like THIS – a Bright Orange.

160718 Orange Hair

Then Before dying my hair it looked like this chaos…

161017 New Hair Burgundy Red Plum Purple

When I applied the color it looked quite dark but I only let it process for 20 minutes total
(10 minutes in the roots and 10 minutes after applying the rest into the lengths)

161017 New Hair Burgundy Red Plum Purple

And Voila! My hair color now! I love the fact that it didn’t take in a few places and gives my hair that autumn feel.

161017 New Hair Burgundy Red Plum Purple

Do you like my new hair color? What are your thoughts?

Jag har ändrat hårfärg igen! Jag gick från Orange till den här Burgundy Plommon färgat hår. Vad tycks!?

You can purchase the Mood Hair Color from for 69kr. The color I bought was 17 Dark Violet. I reserve that color result would be different depending on your hair color before dying.

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