My Hair Detox | Yet another New Haircare Routine | 2016

New season, new hair color means new Hair Routine.
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I have shoulder length, wavy-curly-frizzy-never does what I want hair and so finding products that work to my hair’s advantage is quite difficult but I have had quite a bit of help recently from a few new items that are really making my hair shine! Here are the 5 must have products for me this season!

my hair routine 2016

Elements 911 Rescue Spray (125ml/60ml, 169kr/79kr) is a spray that saves my hair from myself. It repairs, it protects the color and it works on the unruly hairs by giving shine and moisture.

Atlantis Moisturizing Shampoo & Conditioner (249kr/259kr) is a duo that I discovered a while back but have been getting better use of more recently. It has a beautiful scent and works wonders on my dry hair strands after all the hairdying I have weighing in my hair strands. Though I have noticed a dramatic difference in the thickness of my hair, this duo has helped restore it’s balance which I am grateful for! No more hair clumps in my drain!

Grazette Crush Wonder Mask (150ml, 159kr) is a moisture bomb in itself. Within one minute, you can just wash it out and still get 100% of it’s effectiveness in giving soft, shiny hair and smells fantastic! It has ingredients such as bio-intelligent keratin, grapeseed complex and also micro emulsion that repairs, colorprotects, protects from heat and also softens the hair. So much goodness in a little jar I cannot live without!

Tangle Teezer Thick & Curly Brush (118kr) I loved my original but geez, this one’s been a dream to work with! I love the color and I love the way the pins are formed on this one. I don’t brush my hair often nor do I have my hair out of a bun often either so brushing through my hair otherwise would be a real pain.

Have you changed up your hair routine? What new products are you using?

Jag har ändrat hårfärg igen så ville ändra mitt hårvårdsrutin som passar till mitt axellångthår som är ganska lockigt och torr! De produkterna jag använder nu är de som ni ser ovan. Elements 911 spray är fantastiskt som skydd och ger lyster men fukt. Atlantis Duo från R+Co också er massa fukt i håret och jag märkte bättre balans i håret. Grazette Crush Wonder är en mask jag har kört länge nu och det tar endast 1 minut! Sist en Tangle Teezer som jobbar i tjockt och lockigt hår. Den är super då jag borstar inte håret ofta och brukar har håret uppe ofta också. Har du ändrat ditt hårvårdsrutin? Hur ser det ut?

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  1. Är ständigt på jakt efter nya och bra hårprodukter. Tack för tipsen och ett färgstarkt inlägg!

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