Fleur Teese, A Oldie but goodie Dita Von Teese Fragrance

Mums! I love me my Dita Von Teese Fragrances and my collection is almost complete!

Dita Von Teese DitaFleur Fragrance

Fleur Teese is a Edp fragrance that was released back in 2013 and is a very floral, romanic scent.. Actually more of a Spring scent that anything else! The notes include casablanca lily, sambac jasmine & bergamot. There is floral accords of lilac and heliotrope. Lastly, it rounds off with sandalwood, cedar and sensual musk.

I love the bottles of Dita Von Teese perfumes. Fleur Teese comes in a little slim bottle or in this gorgeous spear-like bottle. It matches my other Dita Rouge Perfume!

Dita Von Teese DitaFleur Fragrance

Dita Von Teese DitaFleur Fragrance

I also really love the little detail in the packaging which you can read below:

Dita Von Teese DitaFleur Fragrance

This detail can be found on all the perfumes I bought from Dita Von Teese and just gives me good feelings all around!

Have you scented any of Dita Von Teese’s Fragrances? 

Åh snart har jag alla mina Dita Von Teese parfymer! whoohoo! Jag köpte Fleur Teese, en Edp doft som är lite mer en vår doft! Den doftar casablanca lily, sambac jasmine & bergamot. Det finns blommig inslag av lilac and heliotrope. Det också ha bastoner av sandalwood, cedar and sensual musk. Jag älskar detaljerna och flaskan. Har du doftat Dita Von Teese dofter?

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