A quick look at YAG | YOU ARE GORGEOUS

hud kosmetik mässa 2016

At the Hud & Kosmetik Exhibition, We ran into YAG – a company from Halmstad, Sweden that creates Ecological and Mineral Makeup. YAG stands for You Are Gorgeous and definitely a great message!

hud kosmetik mässa 2016

They were freakin’ fantastic when Jannike & I basically Oo-ed & Ah-ed at the products. Åsa helped us pick out a number of products and I received them in the mail at the end of last week. I was so giddy and almost got tear-y eyed again from seeing the products that I chose because yes…they are THAT great!

hud kosmetik mässa 2016 hud kosmetik mässa 2016

I am still waiting on one product that hopefully will come within the week and I will probably do a full on weekly feature on the brand since there is just so much to show!

 Have you heard of YAG? 

Jag är helt kär i en mineral makeup märke från Halmstad som heter YAG – You Are Gorgeous som jag fått träffa under Hud & Kosmetikmässan. Har du hört av märket?

Where to Buy: YAGofSweden

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