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It’s so fun trying out new products from the brands that I now work a bit more closer with such as Models Own which we had at Sephora here in Scandinavia… though it was only nail polish, I absolutely loved the color range and the collections they released! At the office, this palette caught my eye so I took a few snapshots and swatches…

Models Own Supernatural PaletteI love the packaging of Models Own palettes as they put in a lot into the cardboard and the palette itself is just super simple and white. Could be a positive and negative thing I guess..espeically if you’re wanting to start collecting the palettes and would like to store them together… Makes finding the right one a tad bit difficult…

Models Own Supernatural Palette

Anyway, You get 10 very pigmented shadows in a slim white palette. There are three nude mattes and the rest are a bit shimmery-metallic. The palette also comes with a duo brush with a large flattop and a smaller flattop brush.

Models Own Supernatural Palette
From Left: Paranormal, mystery, celestial, spiritual, mythical

Models Own Supernatural Palette
From Left: Mystic, eternal, phantom, curse, phenomenon

I love the color combination for this fall with the gorgeous forest green and the burgundy reds in combination with the golds is just a winner for me!

What are your thoughts on this palette? Is this something you’d try?
Let me know if you’d like to see a look or two with this palette!

Price: 249kr
Where to Buy:

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