A Closer look at the Roaring 20s with Leighton Denny

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leighton denny-roaring-20s

I requested to try 3 colors from the Leighton Denny collection and they came in and I am SUPER excited! They are so beautiful! I love the consistency and longevity of Leighton Denny polishes and the form and packaging including the collection ideas they come out with is just ON POINT. Here’s just a closer look at the three pretties that are now in my collection and my new fall loves!


From Left: Crazy Times, Let Your Hair Down, Tinseltown

leighton denny-roaring-20s leighton denny-roaring-20s

From Left: Let your Hair Down, Tinseltown over Let your hair down; Crazy Times, Tinseltown over Crazy Times, Tinseltown

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