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Yet another brand has made it’s way to Sephora Sweden and should be in stores within a week or so! I just got a mini training with the brand and wanted to share what they shared with us!

Lipstick Queen is a US brand created by Poppy King (originally Aussie!) who at the time she was 18, wanted a matte lipstick and could not find one in the market… since mattes was not as popular as it is today!

Anyway, she came out with a number of collections and each collection is uniquely built! I was able to take some photos during our training so here they are!

160902 lipstick queen

Special FX Collection

160902 lipstick queen
Saints & Sinners

160902 lipstick queen
Bête Noire

160902 lipstick queen
Butterfly Ball

160902 lipstick queen
Velvet Rope

160902 lipstick queen
All that Jazz

160902 lipstick queen
The Metals

160902 lipstick queen

I have had Medieval from the SFX collection since my trip to NY… and also got the chance to try Frog Prince just recently. Which collection are you most excited to try?

Where To Buy: Sephora, Ulta, SpaceNK
Release Date: September 2016

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