Leaving Sephora & Starting A New Chapter…

“My heart breaks… What a colorful experience it has been.”

Goodbye Sephora

I broke the news to my coworkers and now it is time to say it out loud: (or well…digitally)..

I am leaving my position as a Department Manager at Sephora
to pursue a new chapter as an Online Sales Manager at Everdea.

I actually have prepped this blog post in advance and the emotions are still very fresh. The outpour of love and support I have gotten from my coworkers from both the stores I have worked at has been so extraordinarily heartrenching and everytime I think of it I get all teary eyed and I take that extra deep breath to calm my nerves.

I cannot say my path was easy but it was such an experience and I cannot thank my bosses and my coworkers for the influence they have had on my professional career at Sephora. I know I was incredibly lucky to have faced the challenges I faced but also gained the respect and friendships that I do hope will continue in the future.

Though I loved my job at Sephora and am sad that I must leave the company, I am very excited for what is to come with Everdea and you will be following along on the ride! Who knows where this would take me?!

 Jag har nu berättat till mina kollegor men jag vill säga det till er också då jag vet många av er är mina kunder som jag har träffat någon gång under min tid på Sephora men jag nu lämnar företaget och kommer börja på Everdea nästa vecka. Jag är så himla tacksam för alla mina kollegor, mina chefer och kunder för allt jag fått uppleva med Sephora och jag hoppas det blir inte det sista gång men for now… jag är super glad att fått chansen att jobba med någonting nytt.. Självklart kommer jag dela med mig av upplevelsen med!

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