Essie Fall Collection 2016 | Tokyo Inspired

kimono essie fall collection 2016
Essie has come out with their fall collection that is Tokyo inspired!

There is a reason why the fashion-savvy flock to the number one street style destination in the world: Tokyo. Japan’s electric capital boasts taste, flair and an uncanny aptitude for mixing fashion metaphors. essie’s fall 2016 collection captures the city’s wild street style, eclectic cuisine and riot of autumnal colors. The six shade palette of mesmerizing hues channels the changing fall foliage along with the modern and traditional sides of Tokyo’s bustling city.

Essie really color matched this collection well! I absolutely love the combination of muted neutrals with strong bold colors.


*Playing Koi

*maki me happy

*now and zen

*udon know me

*go go geisha


Which color would you be wearing this fall?

Price: 145kr
Where to Buy: Kicks, Åhléns

samples for consideration

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