Painting with Make Up Forever’s latest Artist Rouge Lipsticks

160818 make up forever lips artist rougeI decided to apply six different colors to create a literal meaning of the words “Artist Rouge” on my lips… as in ARTIST – like a painting with small brushstrokes and painted outside the lines… and Rouge as in painting with lipsticks! I hope you like!
Jag ville göra en konstnärlig look med de nya läppstifter från Make Up Forever som heter Artist Rouge så tänkte jag det skulle vara kul att göra en mer literal look… alltså ARTIST som konstnärlig och Rouge som konst gjort med läppstifter… Jag hoppas ni gillar!

160818 make up forever lips artist rouge

Artist Rouge Lipsticks in: C209, C303, C506, M203, C600, C503

160818 make up forever lips artist rouge

Oh and also… I did a quick eye look with contrasting colors… I love the color bomb! This is what I used:160818 make up forever lips artist rouge

Step 1 Smoothing primer
HD Foundation
HD Concealer
Pro Finish Foundation Powder
Sculpting kit light
Aqua Brow

Make Up Forever Eyeprimer
Artist Shadows: S336 lime, S234 Azure Blue, M500 Ivory
Artist Rouge Lipstick (white dots) C600
Ink Liner
Excessive Lash Mascara

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