Polka Dotted Summer Days! (TOTW, Toes of the week!)

TOTW Toes Depend sunny Days Summer 2016
Its not always you see swatches on toes and I cannot say I have the pretties little mini sausages but I was painting them today with the new polishes from the Sunny Days Collection from Depend and I wanted to show you my masterwork along with the other products I usually use to care for my toes…
Det är inte alltid man ser swatches på tår och inte som mina är världens finaste men jag lekte med de nya färger från Depend och ville visa er min mästerverk…

TOTW Toes Depend sunny Days Summer 2016
Here you see four must haves in my toenail routine:
Här finns 4 produkter jag använder på mina tår:

  1. One awesome nail file from Sephora has two sides, a file and a finish and it also has a peel off property so you can pull of the used part 3 times EACH side!
  2. I also love the manicure remover pen from Sephora. It has just the right amount of remover in the tip for easy removal since I always “color”outside the nail area.
  3. Quick dry from Sephora is the most AMAZING product and a MUST HAVE for EVERYONE. It smells amazing and my nails are dry in less than 1 minute making designs super easy and my patience dampened.
  4. Lastly Essie’s Gel Setter top coat is freakin’ amazing. This topcoat gives a gel-like look to the nail and also keeps polishes on longer for my part. It also dries very quickly.

TOTW Toes Depend sunny Days Summer 2016
I used the polishes from Depend in:
Jag använt de här färger från Depend:

  • 479 A Magenta pink
  • 480 A Sunny Yellow
  • 486 A beautiful turquoise
  • and a O2 polish from their colour pop collection in 483 which is a light lavender color

As I have the Depend temporary tatts out on my table I decided to pimp my feet as well so I did a gold/silver toe ring and even a pretty design on the side of my left foot. You can find them here and for 59kr/ sheet.
Jag också hade Depends tatts på bordet så jag självklart lekte lite med de med. Du kan hitta sånna här och för 59kr/ sheet.

What polish color do you use on your toes? Do you do any designs on the little buggers?
Vilken färger använder du på tårna? Brukar du lägga lite designs på dem?

TOTW Toes Depend sunny Days Summer 2016

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