Broadway nails IMPress in Holla! including a Quick Step by Step!

notw Broadway nails Impress Holla
So I broke a number of nails the past week and I pulled off the other false nails I had on since it was just time. You shouldn’t really have do it yourself false nails on longer than 9 days.
Några av mina naglar gick sönder på jobbet och jag drog av de andra falsknaglar jag hade på mig då man ska nog inte ha de över 9 dagar ändå.

notw Broadway nails Impress Holla
But since my nails still haven’t recovered from their trauma of being wrecked at work and the fact that I was in Skåne visiting my parents, I decided to run into Apotek hjärtat and pick up a set of Broadway nails IMPress nails since they are just adhesive nails that sit for around a week (if applied properly!)
Men då mina naglar fortfarande har inte växt efter trauman från jobbet och att jag var i Skåne för att träffa föräldrarna så bestämde jag att springa in till Apotek hjärtat och köpa Broadway nails IMPress naglar då de är bara klister naglar som sitter ungefär en vecka (om man applicera dem rätt!)

notw Broadway nails Impress Holla
The design I chose was Holla!, a rosy-beige color with lace and rose designs and even a bit of leopard print. I noticed that when looking for where to buy the product online, many other reviewers had the same product but they had different designs so they are unique maybe to country and/or product itself.
Designen var Holla! en rosa-beige färg med spets och ros designs och även lite leopard print på. Jag märkte online att det finns olika versioner av denna så det kan vara unique beror på var man köper den.

Price: 149kr / 99kr
Where to buy: Apotek hjärtat,

notw Broadway nails Impress Holla
Step 1: Use the prep pad and clean your nails.notw Broadway nails Impress Holla
Step 2: Choose the nail size appropriate for your nail. Remove the plastic on the bottom.notw Broadway nails Impress Holla
Step 3: Apply the nail from the base and press down firmly. Also press down on both sides of the nail so the “sticker” sits on the full nail.notw Broadway nails Impress HollaStep 4: File down the little edge on the nail so it is smooth.
Voila! You’ve got the nails on.

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