Instagram and it’s Chronological to Popular Change…

instagram changes
I believe starting tomorrow Instagram will be following Facebooks suite and showing posts in accordance to what you’ve liked in the past and/or more popular posts. This means us smaller accounts will not be seen especially if you’ve got a large amount of instagram stalkers like I do! ;)

Though I still do have a Facebook Page, it completely died down after the chronological to popular change so I’m just waiting until my Instagram account will do the same.

With that said, Change just means finding new ways to get content out there.¬†As for now, I do recommend that if you wish to get my instagram updates to “turn on notifications” in my Instagram profile. You do this by clicking the three dots then clicking on “turn on notifications.” This WILL give you a NOTIFICATION as is mentioned!

If you don’t want to get a pling every post I do, make sure that you comment or like the photos I put up and I’ll automatically appear in your instagram flow.

I do not expect you all to do so but if you do, thank you so much for the love & support and if you don’t, I’m all good with that too! You can still find me here on my Blog, on YouTube (I promise, I’ll get back to posting soon!), Twitter and even through Email.

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