Eau De Karma by Thomas Sabo

Thomas Sabo Karma Perfume FragranceI  have been eyeing this perfume since it was released and I FIANLLY got a hold of it!

Thomas Sabo Karma Perfume Fragrance
It is a fresh but sensual scent that gives such a beautiful sense of…just…being.

Thomas Sabo Karma Perfume Fragrance
I must admit that the packaging really did factor in this perfume. Thomas Sabo Karma Perfume FragranceIt looks like a far-eastern temple with a silver round form that looks like a Om Karma bead.

Thomas Sabo Karma Perfume Fragrance
The bottle also holds a faceted rose quartz which again refers to the Karma Beads!

Thomas Sabo Karma Perfume Fragrance
The scent itself has notes of freesia, apple, blackcurrant. It also has precious rose essence, peony flank and even lotus flower accord!

What do you think of this scent? Have you tried Thomas Sabo Fragrances?

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