35 Years, 6 Shades & one Starry Starry Night | Essie’s Retro Revival

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Essie's Retro Revival
I love the idea of bring up the best of the best from times past. Essie’s fabulous 35th is this year and to celebrate they relaunched a few of the most memorable!
Jag älskar ideén att ta upp dåtiden. Essie fyller 35år och för att fira har de släppt gamla färger på nytt!

Essie's Retro Revival
Life of the Party (2002)

Essie's Retro Revival
Starry Starry Night (1985)

Essie's Retro Revival
Bikini with a martini (2006)

Essie's Retro Revival
Sequin Sash (2005)

Essie's Retro Revival
Birthday Suit (1981 – part of the original 12!)

Essie's Retro Revival
Cabana Boy (2005)

Which one is your favorite?
Vilken tycker du om mest?

Price: 139 SEK
Where to Buy: Kicks, Åhléns

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