What I got for Christmas 2015


Yet another year has gone and this year I got a few gifts I wanted to share!
Jag fått fina presenter i år och ville berätta!

  • I got a new infrared foot spa since my old one broke and since I’m always on my feet it was a great gift!
  • I also got the Kat Von D books in HARDBACK! whoohoo!
  • I also got a 1000kr giftcard to Hunkemöller – one of my favorite lingerie store!
  • I got a very large, very secure power bank to charge all my electronics…
  • The largest gift I got is a new Sony Alpha 5100. I am extremely blessed to have a bf that listened to me complain and complain about how my dslr wasn’t doing it for me.
  • I got a bit of extra cash from my bf’s parents to contribute to my new camera too!
  • And from Work, my co-worker gave me a pair of comfy booties!

Jag fått en fotbad, kat von d böcker i hårdförpackning, presentkort på hunkemöller, en ny kamera och även fått fina booties från en kollega!

What did you wish for for Christmas? What did you get?
Vad har du önskat dig i år? Vad fått du?

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