GHDs Wanderlust Platinum Styler in Tropic Sky

I bought the GHD platinum in Copper for Christmas but unfortunately it stopped working on me and after sending it in for reclamation, the Wonderlust Platinum Styler in Tropical Sky dropped in my mailbox.
/Jag köpte GHD-platinum i koppar till jul men tyvärr slutade det att fungera och efter att ha skickat det för reklamation så kom Wonderlust Platinum Styler i Tropical Sky i min brevlåda.

I was sent the Tropic Sky Platinum Styler (2399kr) from the summer limited edition collection “Wonderlust.” It is inspired by travel and vivid color for inspiration. My new styler is absolutely beautiful, with colorful feather design and then white tips near the plates.
/Jag fått Tropic Sky Platinum Styler (2399kr) som är från sommarens limited edition kollektion “Wonderlust.” Det är inspirerat av resor och livlig färg. Min nya styler är riktigt vacker, med färgstarka fjäderdesign och sedan vita toppar nära plattorna.

The plates themselves are also a beautiful metallic purple!
/Även plattorna är en vacker metallisk lila!

What I loved about the Platinum styler was the tri-zone technology which means that it has 6 sensors (3 on each plate) which would give constant optimal temperature which means it would distribute heat properly and also keep my hair healthier.
/Vad jag älskade om den Platinum styler är deras tri-zone teknik vilket innebär att det har 6 sensorer (3 på varje platta) som ska ge konstant optimal temperatur vilket innebär att det skulle distribuera värmen ordentligt och även hålla mitt hår friskare.

As a little plus, the styler also came in an exclusive heat resistant bag for easy styling on the go.
/Och så en liten plus i kanten så kommer stylern i en exklusiv väska för enkel styling på språng.

What hair styling product is your favorite? Would you spend extra on a hair styler?
/Vilken hår styling produkt är din favorit? Skulle du spendera extra på en styler som denna?

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Quick review of phc’s California Honeysuckle Dry Shampoo

I took this mini with me to the US and I am not happy with it… Here is why.
/Jag tog med PHCs torrschampoo till USA och jag är inte nöjd… Detta är varför.

I bought this dry shampoo from some recommendations and I thought it would be perfect to bring to the US with me as I got the mini version. This product costs 69kr/150ml and can be found at Åhléns, Kicks, etc.
/Jag köpte denna torrschampot efter några rekommendationer och jag trodde att det skulle vara perfekt att ta med till USA eftersom jag köpte mini-versionen. Denna produkt kostar 69kr / 150ml och finns på Åhléns, Kicks,osv.

It is said to be a dry shampoo for all hair types and works to give your hair a newly washed feeling. It has the scent of Honeysuckle and apricots and should give your hair a matte finish.
/Det sägs vara ett torrschampo för alla hårtyper och arbetar för att ge ditt hår en nytvättat känsla. Det har en doft av hybris och aprikoser och bör ge ditt hår en matt finish.

This is the most uneconomical dry shampoo. After just a few sprays, the can was empty! My hair felt more oily than matte and the scent was just bearable and nothing more. You need to spray the whole can to get effect which in turn does the opposite effect on your scalp. This one is a heck-no for my colored hair and my now irritated scalp! Such a shame when “California Honeysuckle” sounds so enticing…
/Detta är det mest oekonomiska torrschampot. Efter några sprayar var sprejen tom! Mitt hår kände sig mer oljigt än matt och doften var bara uthärdligt och ingenting mer. Du måste spruta hela burken för att få effekt vilket i sin tur gör motsatt effekt på hårbotten. Den här är en heck-no för mitt färgade hår och min nu irriterad hårbotten! En sådan tråkighet när “California Honeysuckle” låter så lockande …

Have you tried this dry shampoo? Which Dry Shampoo do you recommend?
/Har du testat denna torrschampoo? Vilken torrshampoo rekommenderar du?

Psst! I wrote about my Top Dry Shampoos in a previous post
if you are looking for other recommendations!


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Crush in Fashion with Grazette of Sweden

Today I had the opportunity to take a dive into the latest from Grazette of Sweden. Their Crush series have been a huge hit with me and I have loved the new packaging, the new formulations and I cannot travel without my Wonder Mask…which I unfortunately emptied yesterday evening!

Grazette crush in fashion

Crush in Fashion is the latest from Grazette, a partnership between Grazette and Swedish Fashion Council. This limited edition series includes a few of my favorite products and some new ones that I am dying to try out! I regret to write that this collection is limited edition and is exclusively found in salons.

Grazette crush in fashion

The collection is inspired by the runway and tangerine and coral pink shades that create a tropical omnisex scent that is found in all the new products. You can find mandarin and tangerine scents balanced together with mysk. It still has that Crush sweetness but a bit more summery in my opinion!

In this collection you will find Shampoo, Conditioner, Mask, Fluid, Stylist, Hairspray & Beach Waves. A collection that consists of all your basic hair needs.

Grazette crush in fashionAs mentioned my favorite mask is the Wonder Mask (169kr) as it does everything in 60 seconds! It leave my hair soft but also moisturized which is much needed in my very colored hair! Just as this mask, the Crush in Fashion Mask does the same as it has two active ingredients: Bio-intelligent keratin which repairs damaged hair and Grape seed Complex which keeps color and products from UV as it is a natural mix of antioxidants.

Have you tried any products from Grazette of Sweden?

PS: Did you know that Grazette has started the first ever HÅRPODDEN! go check it out! The first episode is about colored hair ;)

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