The Last week of September * Summing up Week 39

It has been a very long week, so long that it has been a full on blur but fun nonetheless. I thought that it has been a hot minute since I spoke a bit about me and what I do when I am free and/or what’s been going on… (which also of course includes trying to catch up on posts haha!)

The Week

I have been hitting the gym early mornings and started my week with getting the worse cramp in my left leg (which after a week I am still recovering from!) Otherwise, my week starts and ends with work work and more work! I am very happy with my job and coworkers so I look forward to coming in every day, despite that I have been extremely exhausted.

I spent Wednesday evening at L’OréalLuxe with my coworkers to learn more about the new products. A few key products I really cannot wait to try is the Yves Saint Laurent Encre De Peau All Hours Primer, Concealer and Foundation. Also, I am in love with the Y for men fragrance!

The Weekend

FINALLY A FREE WEEKEND!! Whaaa! I has been forever since I could actually say that I had literally nothing planned AND the bf was home so we could spend time together!

The weekend was eventful even though I thought I would try to stay at home and just lounge on the couch..but…we took ourselves into the city and ate at La Tentazione, a quaint Italian place that we were lucky to get a table at.

After, we decided on seeing the Book of Mormon (which I have already seen but still a great musical!) I, very spontaneously, booked two seats and hoped for the best that they were good enough to see the show. It didn’t disappoint!

Sunday was spent getting some groceries and getting things ready for the next week. I even replanted our plant that has been having issues with. All in all, a good end of September. I cannot wait for the real fall to kick in – the changing of the leaves and HALLOWEEN!!

What are you looking most forward to this autumn season?

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What Happened in Week 22? Organizing, Me Time, Education & More Me Time…

Where did this week go?? It is insane to think that I haven’t touched my blog since my gigantic DaisyBeautyCruise post!
/Var har veckan tagit vägen? Det har gått för många dagar sen jag skrev min gigantisk inlägg om DaisyBeautyCruise!

Best of the Week

Week 22 was all about looking after myself. Putting everything aside and just playing with beauty products. It has been filled with going back to basics, emptying out and organizing my life around what I want to do rather than what I have to do.
/Bästa av vecka 22 är allt om att ta hand om mig själv. Jag prioriterat bort typ allt och började bara leka med skönhetsprodukter. Gick tillbaka till basics, tömmer ut och organisering runt vad jag vill göra i jämförelse med vad jag måste göra.

Worse of the Week

The feeling of guilt that I had to work with. For those who know me well, I am an intense person. I work fulltime, I study fulltime, I blog fulltime, I do everything whole heartedly and re-organizing my priorities and new goals has been so difficult! It takes time to break a habit and it’s been difficult not feeling guilt for not updating my social media or my blog or even those close to me and putting myself first.
/Tuffaste med vecka 22 var ångest över att inte göra så mycket som jag brukar göra. Ni som känner mig väl så är jag en intens person. Jag gör allt på fulltid inkl jobba, plugga, blogga… Jag gör allt med hela hjärtat så jag tyckte det var verkligen svårt att bryta vanan och lägga mig själv först.

A look into this past week


I moved my written life from an A5 to a Pocket Filofax. I will be doing a more in-depth post soon on this!
/Måndag: Jag flyttade mitt liv från A5 till Pocket i Filofax! Jag kommer göra ett inlägg om detta snart!


Emails, Emails and more Emails. I finally got around to sorting the highest clump of papers that have been sitting on my desk.
/Tisdag: Email, email och emails! Jag äntligen organiserat pappershögen jag har haft super länge!


I’ve been taking photos of stuff I just really don’t need and will be selling off or donating depending on what it is. I have donation bags ready to leave this weekend.
/Onsdag: Jag har tagit bilder på saker jag vill inte ha längre som jag ska sälja vidare eller donera beror på vad det är. Jag har massor av påsar som ska skänkas denna helg.


Bought myself a new sports bra. My old ones are just not cutting it. I have to wait a week for the blue version to come home to me though.
/Torsdag: Jag köpte en ny sportsbyhå då mina gamla känns inte bra längre. Måste dock vänta en vecka för den blåa som jag köpte också.


Friday is all about sorting out those NailPolishes. I’ve realized that I love polish but I am just horrible at nails so these polishes would need a new home!
/Fredag: Fredag är allt om nagellack och sortering om vad jag vill behålla eller ge bort. Jag märkte att även om jag älskar nagellack så är jag oerhört dålig på att använda dem så de behöver ett nytt hem!

This weekend, I am looking forward to….

This weekend I will be hanging out with my old coworkers on Saturday Evening which I am looking forward to. Also, Sunday is yet another training day. I have a few essays to write and a few blogposts to compete so this weekend is all work and a little play!
/Helgen: Denna helg ska jag hänga med gamla kollegor på Lördagen sen på Söndag så ska jag gymma med min PT. Jag har uppsatser att skriva och saker att organisera vidare på så mycket jobb med lite lek också! ;)

How has your week been? Anything you’ve accomplished? What are your plans for next week?
/Hur var din vecka? Något som du är stolt över? Vad är dina planer för nästa vecka?

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The decision of curtain ties… * Home Deco

Renovating and decorating is a never ending process! I would know since only 2 years later I’m looking at curtain ties! We have an old english theme to our apartment. Not all the way nautical but still some touches of navy blue and beige. I just recently purchase pretty flowery curtains but we want them to be pulled back a bit but finding curtain ties is a difficult task!  I know that curtain ties aren’t very popular here in Sweden but growing up you couldn’t have curtains without them (and also a rod cover so you don’t see the top of the curtains..also something not so popular here!)

Anyway. These are the ones I’ve come down to:

All of these are gorgeous and easily found on Ebay, but again. Question is. Which ones should I go for? Should they be different for each room like the curtains?


/Vi har renoverat och dekorerat sen vi flyttade in för 2 år sen. Jag vill köpa nya gardin hållare som är inte så populär att ha här i Sverige så jag hittade några på Ebay som jag vill klicka hem…men vilken? Tema hemma är Old English med en touch nautical med inslag av navyblå och beige…

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Summary Sunday: DaisyExpo 2017

What a weekend! Daisy Expo has always been the number one highlight of the year! It’s the first big bang in the winter gloom and this year it is just that extra special because I too am now a part of the Daisy Beauty Gang!


I will be starting with Daisy Beauty as their Sales Rep together with Kicki, Sam & Beauty By K. I am very excited for this opportunity (and quite nervous too!) and cannot wait to share my experiences with you all! As for now, my blog will stay here and I will take a look at options if I would like to move to the Daisy Portal or stay on my own domain. Let me know in the comments what you think I should do? 

Anyway on to the more interesting stuff! DaisyExpo 2017! Though I was invited as a blogger, I was able to jump right in and help out! I did of course keep my camera handy though! The first day was lectures and unfortunately I only got to sit in one of them, the rest of my day went to help set up the exhibition for the day after so this post is all about day 2 of the Expo!

Day 2: DaisyExpo 2017

Lets start on the bottom floor!

DaisyExpo 2017

Garnier had the most beautiful flower arrangements! I snapped the whole progression and it was just fantastic to see the final result of the room! They released four new series in the Respons and one of them has Maple extract and castor oil! It says to detangle, revitalize and care so I am super excited to be able to try it out!

DaisyExpo 2017
Akademikliniken was also present with their latest Pure Glow Oil (ca. 1700kr/30ml) and they also had competitions throughout the day! The Pure Glow oil is a highly concentrated Vitamin C that works against early aging and also works on lustre and elasticity.

DaisyExpo 2017

New to this year is Cinq Mōndes! I got in contact with this brand I believe a year or so ago so it was great having them present! Cinq Mōndes Spa Paris is a beautiful French Spa brand which is created by Jean-Louis Poiroux.

DaisyExpo 2017A return was from Kiss with their new Blooming lashes, Fabby Style with their glass nail files, and Vita Liberata with a 10 minute mask… but this time they also had a new brand called AtacheThe brand has 30 years of experience within Dermatology and was founded in 1983 with ASAC pharma.

DaisyExpo 2017

Speaking of Paris, Farao from Dior held mini fragrance trainings in the Diro room. I thought that their worksamples were so freakin exclusive! And not to mention their new Spring Collection is so colorful and all about the Gradations! PS: did you know that Dior has now Boy George and Rami Malek as new faces of Dior?! Mums!

DaisyExpo 2017

Rosenserien was a stand full of smiles! This brand is a swedish organic skincare brand and I love their lipbalms! They have just released the lavender one (again!) and I would love to give that one a try! (Though I do have the other 4 in every pocket and bag haha!)

DaisyExpo 2017Ellos was a newcomer to the Expo and they had a mini living room that was super cozy! They servered these huge gorgeous looking cupcakes too! Makiash also was a part of the Ellos stand and I can honestly say that I have never tried anything from the brand (nor from Ellos for that matter!). I would love to give that loose powder and that highlighter a whirl from Makiash but also the Take a shower products from Ellos Beauty!

DaisyExpo 2017

L’Occitane is a brand I haven’t had all that much contact with but the ladies were so welcoming and the room smelt like a french spa! I loved the tranquility they set up in their room and they were offering hand massages!

DaisyExpo 2017

Another favorite room was Scandinavian Cosmetics with Escada, Tweezerman, Max Factor and even Lacoste! Escada is celebrating 25 years of summer frangraces with their latest: Fiesta Carioca (420kr/30ml)! They also demoed the two new Lacoste L.12.12 fragrances for him and her AND also had the amazing Makeup Artist Tomas Lenneryd who you can see here doing Kicki’s makeup with Max Factor!

DaisyExpo 2017

Also new for this year was Toni & Guy with Alf Sörensen. I have had much contact with Alf Sörensen during my Sephora days and it was awesome to see that they have gotten the haircare brand. The room smelt yummy AND they were also serving scones!

Whew! I hope you all are still with me?

Let’s take the stairs to the second floor!

DaisyExpo 2017

Derma ProMedical is also new and they took bookings- They also had this awesome LED mask that could be used in treatments. You can see Monas Universum trying it out above! They also introduced the Tebiskin products which are new to me so hopefully I would be able to try them out soon!

DaisyExpo 2017
I was so excited to see that Yves Rocher was at the expo this year! They had a beautiful room filled with greens! They had white flowers that decorated around their products and they even took in these awesome Mojito Paralines that looked like dinosaur eggs! Guests also had the opportunity to get their skin scanned at Yves Rocher.

DaisyExpo 2017

Palina was also great to see since I bumped into them at other exhibitions earlier. They worked on new skincare which they then presented at this years expo! How awesome is that? The packaging is so colorful but classy! I had my eye on the Fairy Scrub and the Overnight Mask haha!

DaisyExpo 2017

Olaplex was the perfect lounge area! They spoke of their step 3 (259kr) and the women there were so fun to be around too!

DaisyExpo 2017
Guests had the opportunity in doing a skinscan at Eucerin and set up a new skincare routine! I personally was very interested in their sun products haha! I am obsessed with sunscreen and I saw that they had a 50+ sun fluid (129kr/50ml) that is mattifying for the face and for sensitive skin!

DaisyExpo 2017
Apoteket‘s set up was elegant in mirrored black! This matches their products super well but gosh, a bit difficult to photograph! I have not personally tried their products (yet) but they looked super interesting!

DaisyExpo 2017
GHD had amazing stylists who offered to do some blowouts, here you see Alexander working his magic!

DaisyExpo 2017
Revlon is also a newbie at this year’s expo and I loved that they used the scene in the screening room! They set up and made beautiful curls! Here you can see the beauty Amanda getting her hair done! They recently released their Be Fabulous series!

DaisyExpo 2017
Here you can see Tanja from L.Y.X Cosmetics fixing some Lacqua & La Chrome on Linnea Öst. I personally am obsessed with L.Y.X and love the women and the concept behind the brand.

DaisyExpo 2017
Acasia Skincare is new for me and my (now) coworker Beauty By K wrote about them earlier so I can’t wait to try them out on my skin!

DaisyExpo 2017
M Picaut released the Hydra Lagoon Overnight Mask (499kr/50ml) that has Malachite, Niacimide and Hyaluronic Acid. I was able to take one home on the first day and tried it. It did have a strong scent BUT worked wonders on my extremely tired skin! I need to try it longer before I can completely comment.

DaisyExpo 2017
AnneMarie Börlind released three new masks: Anti-Aging Cream Mask, 2 in 1 Black mask and Hydro Gel Mask! I am seriously needing the latter two!

DaisyExpo 2017
L’Orèal stood for the most out of this world transformation from conference room to Paris Apartment! They even covered the windows to make it look very parisienne AND there was even a parisienne living there during the expo! How cool is that? They released loads of new cleansers, makeup and I am loving the new Botanical Series! I will probably do a separate post showing all these news!

I had an incredible two days and I really hope the guests and exhibitors also had a great time. Let me know what you’d like to see more of. What brand are you looking forward to reading about here?

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Summary Sunday | Monday Matters, Best of & Alchemist | w.1

A week of tough self realization. A Week of reflections and of new beginnings!

sunday Summary

I am so thankful for this week and this start of the year. I have learnt so much in so little time that I do not regret a single moment of it and would not change it for the world.

Monday Matters


I kicked off 2017 with Monday Matters, actually with a new theme set up for the blog. You may see that every other day I have some sort of theme such as Monday Matters, Works for me Wednesday, First Impression Friday and even Summary Sunday! I am not 100% sure if I will follow the themes to a point as of course there will be events etc that will also occur on these days but in general I think it could be a nice change!



sunday Summary beauty superlatives 2016I also showed you my best of the best of last year! It took a while for me to organize due to the personal stuff but I found such amazing products last year that deserved a mention.


Kat Von D Alchemist PaletteI also received my Kat Von D Alchemist Palette and did a First Impressions with swatches on different backgrounds! I also tried a new swatch technique instead of finger swatches so hopefully these were appreciated more!



sunday Summary lykoSomething I did not write about is a little haul I got from Lyko. I needed to get a hold of new “Faith” lashes from Depend so I ordered myself two new pairs. Along with that purchase I also got mini Heal shampoo & conditioner from Maria Nila as I have dyed my hair…again. AND I decided on getting the HH Simonson Sugar Skull wet brush too! It was time for a change!



sunday Summary jewellry armoireOther than being laid off and struggling personally with accepting that decision, I also received my jewellery armoire that I ordered before Christmas but it came shattered.  I have contacted them for a return but no answer yet!



sunday Summary lindex


I finally got my butt off the couch and bought myself a full set up of new bras from Lindex for 100kr/piece!





sunday Summary hallway renovationLastly, I have also been renovating our hallway so it’s been a very eventful week!






How was your first week of 2017? What did you accomplish? What went wrong? Share in the comments!

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