After 10 Years on YouTube…

I started my online beauty persona on YouTube. My subscribers urged me to start Blogging and I did both for awhile…I stopped YouTube due to personal reasons 2 years ago… And now, in February, my partnership status will disappear.

YouTube, just like every other platform are changing their focus onto larger revenue outlets which means those of us who have smaller platforms are being kicked off the partnership program.

I remember the day I finally got accepted as a YouTube partner. This was ca. 2008, 2 years after I started my channel and started uploading. It took 3 rejections and a number of emails back and forth to be even considered for the program. Back then it was HUGE. Not anyone could join. I also remember when they started giving everyone partnership who wanted it. That too was HUGE. Now this change…

I don’t know if it really matters after 2 years of not uploading a video on YouTube that my channel will be stripped of it’s partnership status…I am not really sure if I will ever got back to YouTube thought I have been toying with the idea of it…I don’t count on earning a living on YouTube and alot has changed since the days I use to upload.

What’s the point of this post…? To be honest.. I dont know!

I guess I just wanted to get this documented somewhere. To get some closure on loosing a part of my channel I invested a lot of time and effort in.

Anyway. End of post.

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My Year in Review 2017 🎊

I few years ago, I saw a tag about reflecting over the past year and new years resolutions.

The past 2 years I did a reflection post which was long and text-y… so…This year I thought I would do a new version as this year has been filled with transitions.

What have been your favorite posts this year to make?

I loved sharing some more personal posts this year and a few more personal thoughts like my Monday Matters on the Reset Button or when I have been transitioning jobs or getting engaged!

What has been your biggest success or opportunity this year?

Being able to transition so smoothly between jobs, I must say that my biggest opportunity this year was having fantastic co-workers who had made it a learning process that was easier to process. I guess my biggest success this year was just being able to breathe. To understand who I am better and to be able to ground myself more.

What has been your biggest set-back or challenge?

As mentioned already… This year has been just filled with transitions. I left a job, started a new job, then left that job to not know what I wanted to do… and so I ended up boomerang-ing back to Sephora for awhile. I had to take more than a few breaks from social media which was also super tough.

What’s been your biggest beauty or fashion change this year?

Well. Not much! I have had more of a health change this year – both mentally and physically. This question is quite connected to the previous one. But instead of wollowing in self-pity, I also decided on investing in a Personal Trainer and I lost a lot of weight and gained a lot of perspective instead.

What was your most expensive or most prized purchase this year?

I started shopping my stash more this year and took a step back from buying every single new collection that has come into stores. With that said, I did get myself the Saints & Sinners Palette from KvD!

Which events are most memorable this year?

  • DaisyExpo was such a highlight – to be able to work behind the scenes and help out with the exhibitors was amazing… and to of course meet my fellow bloggers.
  • Daisy Beauty Gala was also a pleasure to work with – just before Krizz went on maternity leave…literally. It was the first of its kind and we all were very proud of the work we put in.
  • Cosmoprof, Bologna with Kicki and the team was very memorable and I felt truly blessed to have been able to learn and love these amazing people who took me under their wing even though I am not of a journalistic background.
  • Daisy Beauty Cruise was filled with amazing brands and coworkers and it was bittersweet saying goodbye to being the Sales Executive at DaisyBeauty.
  • Real Techniques was soo much fun hanging out with other influensers that I havent seen for awhile. It was also cool to share with you all how I got my screen name PixiJasmine. I also got to know Frida at MakeupbyEkholm much better!
  • Hud & Kosmetik MĂ€ssa was fun to walk around and meet old and new friends. It was amazing to learn about new brands and also new products that are to be released/are already released.

Memorable Trips?


London was memorable since we travelled in January and I was also able to meet childhood friends which means the world to me.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas was seriously a trip that I would remember for a lifetime. It was when I was able to truly find myself and who I want to be. To com to terms with dealing with loss and learning acceptance.

London…again. I booked a spontaneous weekend in London and he proposed. I said yes. I cried. I got a migraine and then we ate at Shake Shack. Read more on that here.

What have you been most thankful for this year?

Being able to accept that I am enough. I am thankful for the meetings I have been able to have with old and new friendships. To realize my worth and A. A has been with me through some tough transitions that I was unsure I would have been able to deal with on my own.

Thank you all for allowing me to share my journey with you and I hope you have a great 2018.

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And so… This Happened! | Our Engagement Story

On the 10th of November 2017, he proposed… and I said Yes!

I wanted to take a few days before writing this post though many of you may have seen a few posts on my Instagram and Facebook. I guess I would start at the beginning… or sort of.

Vill tillÀgga att detta inlÀgg kommer endast vara pÄ engelska.
Engelska Àr sprÄket jag kÀnner mig trygg att skriva i och uttrycka mig i.
A & I at Akademien the week we met…

A & I met back in 2008-ish at the local student pub/bar through some mutual friends. (Photo above was around the same week we met!) I was working and he was, for once, out. I would say it was love at first sight on my part… It obviously took him a while to find me. We found common ground in being homebodys. Watching movies and intelligent conversation. We love travel and we love being in each others company. Perfect match if I may say so myself.

A & I in Grand Canyon, USA

Fast forward… A & I have been together for over 9 years now so it has been a long wait. I knew he was the one I wanted to spend my life with and have voiced this to him multiple times (okay, okay, many even in direct & blunt ways) that he should find a ring and just get it over with! No romantic gestures, no crazy proposal or audiences. Just a pretty sparkling ring to decorate my ring finger. But no matter how many hints I left, months and years past and the hope of the next step in our relationship was faint. I was happy to live with him and we have an amazing life together no matter if we were engaged or married so after 5 years, I gave up the notion of it.


London Weekend

I wanted to get away for a weekend and I found a good deal on a combo flight & hotel so I booked it! I had warmer climate, shopping and just good food planned. I like London since it isn’t too far of a flight and I feel a bit at home when everyone speaks English and actually understands me (which is hard to find in Sweden). Anyway. We decided to travel on Friday (10th Nov) Morning and just spend a long weekend together. A bit of Primark, a few pharmacies and fast food like Chipotle, Shake Shack and that…

Hyde Park – Kensington Gardens

Our hotel is located near Kensington Gardens and we walked through the park a number of times during our long weekend away. On the way back to the hotel on Friday, we were walking around Kensington Gardens just above the Italian Gardens. The sun was setting and a beautiful autumn day. A called me over to a little hill overlooking the Italian Gardens. I didn’t really get why he was trying so hard to get me to see what he was looking at.

Snapped this one right before he proposed

I was taking a few photos so I made my way to him and he started with ‘This is a long time coming…’ and happiness ran through my blood from head to toe. I believe I said Yes in multiple languages and the ring just made me speechless. Of course I cried and jumped into his arms and probably squeezed him harder than ever.

The Ring

Infinity Two-Toned Cathedral Engagement Ring

I am traditional but I always hated Swedish rings – a plain boring golden band. Nope! I secretly wanted something shiny, something artsy (art deco!) and a mix of metals. I always dreamt of a Sapphire ring but then again, the traditional side of me also wanted a diamond. A & I did try rings in Las Vegas so he knew my size and what I liked. It is just too perfect and A did a fantastic job hiding the ring from me since Las Vegas over the summer!

The Aftermath

It happened so quickly and it still hasn’t really sinked in. Hilariously enough, my head started throbbing and I got a major migraine just a few moments after. We went back to the hotel and I spent probably 2 hours or so tending to my head. A was so sweet and went out to get water and some migraine pills. When I was feeling better… We headed off to Shake Shack. Perfect end to the perfect day!

The Announcement

One of the things I was not looking forward to was the announcement of our engagement. It’s wonderful that so many have sent their congratulations however the follow up question of “Why did it take so long?” and the worse one “So…When’s the wedding?” or… “So when are you due?”…  It just puts such a damper on the engagement. Honestly, I find such questions quite disrespectful. Insulting almost?

So… for many reasons, we held our announcement till a few days later… who can blame us? We wanted to keep our engagement special and between us. Also, we wanted to make sure our families knew before announcing to everyone else.

That’s the story! Thank you all again for all the well wishes and I’m sure wedding and that would sooner or later pop up here from time to time. 

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Neck Pains & Prepping for Christmas…

Unfortunately I have been away from the blog due to health reasons…and work.

I thought I will get on here and let you all in on what has been happening with me since I have been quite quiet lately. I have recently been having neck issues that have been causing a lot of problems especially with my day to day and it has gotten worse the past week.

About 2 weeks ago I was working out with my personal trainer and my left neck muscle was stiffer than usual. I couldnt sleep and so I decided to see a Naprapat for the first time. I am not one for the sound of cracking nor am I comfortable being in pain…who is? Anyway, after my first visit, as you can imagine, I was still in quite a bit of pain. It got better then.. it got worse. So I went back for a second visit and I am still healing from it.

Many of you know I work in a store but not many of you know that I lift quite a bit behind the scenes and during this time of year, that means Christmas. Christmas boxes, Christmas packaging, heavy Christmas decorations for the store… This in combination with my neck problem has been both mentally and physically draining.

I am still not sleeping full nights and I am still in a tad bit of pain when moving or lifting things but I am feeling better and am even taking a weekend away so I hope that things will get back to normal soon. Thats the update. I have a number of posts I am behind on but I will try to write up once I am feeling better.

Ps. The photo was from a few weeks back… ;)
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The Last week of September * Summing up Week 39

It has been a very long week, so long that it has been a full on blur but fun nonetheless. I thought that it has been a hot minute since I spoke a bit about me and what I do when I am free and/or what’s been going on… (which also of course includes trying to catch up on posts haha!)

The Week

I have been hitting the gym early mornings and started my week with getting the worse cramp in my left leg (which after a week I am still recovering from!) Otherwise, my week starts and ends with work work and more work! I am very happy with my job and coworkers so I look forward to coming in every day, despite that I have been extremely exhausted.

I spent Wednesday evening at L’OrĂ©alLuxe with my coworkers to learn more about the new products. A few key products I really cannot wait to try is the Yves Saint Laurent Encre De Peau All Hours Primer, Concealer and Foundation. Also, I am in love with the Y for men fragrance!

The Weekend

FINALLY A FREE WEEKEND!! Whaaa! I has been forever since I could actually say that I had literally nothing planned AND the bf was home so we could spend time together!

The weekend was eventful even though I thought I would try to stay at home and just lounge on the couch..but…we took ourselves into the city and ate at La Tentazione, a quaint Italian place that we were lucky to get a table at.

After, we decided on seeing the Book of Mormon (which I have already seen but still a great musical!) I, very spontaneously, booked two seats and hoped for the best that they were good enough to see the show. It didn’t disappoint!

Sunday was spent getting some groceries and getting things ready for the next week. I even replanted our plant that has been having issues with. All in all, a good end of September. I cannot wait for the real fall to kick in – the changing of the leaves and HALLOWEEN!!

What are you looking most forward to this autumn season?

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It took 30 Years…. Happy Birthday To Me!

It’s my 30th Birthday today… And I wanted to share a few memories and a few thoughts on turning “the Big 3-0.”

Back in the Day

and…Yes, I will share a few interesting fashion choices of mini PixiJasmine but heck, they were fun to look at!

As a little kid, I remember my parents planning birthday parties at the local Pizza Hut or Mc Donalds. It was easy since it was a package deal: The cake, the food, the entertainment and games. My parents sent out invitations and kids came with gifts and their parents and it was just a huge family event. When I got a bit older, I was able to have house parties and invite those I wanted to. When I think about birthdays growing up, I appreciate the amount of time and effort that my parents put into making them special..whether it was ordering a special cake to just opening presents with me after my balett practice.

Opening gifts with my mom after Balett…

My Most Memorable Birthday

There are so many memorable birthdays, both good and bad but the most recent memorable birthday was my 28th when my boyfriend had to attend a conference in Las Vegas and I decided to follow him there. I spent a full week, on my own during the day and with him in the evenings. It was during this trip that I was able to learn more about myself. Las Vegas has always and will always have a special place in my heart.

Birthday Blues

Turning 30 makes me think about how much I have grown and all the things I have gone through that many people don’t know about nor seem to care much about. When people talk about Birthday Blues, many talk about being a year older.

Eating Cake with the family after we moved away to Israel and we didnt know anyone…

But for me… When I moved to Sweden the birthdays went uncelebrated and celebrations (Christmas, New Years, etc etc) became quite lonely. I believe that I do correlate my birthday to when I moved to Sweden as it wasn’t a fantastic birthday… nor any birthdays after that. I wasn’t ever able to find a group of people who would want to throw surprise birthdays nor just celebrate with me so birthdays just kind of come and gone.

I guess it has a lot to do with expectations too. I’ve always dreamt of a surprise birthday party, presents, people showing up to sing Happy Birthday and a fantastic cake. I go above and beyond for others and expect mutual respect back but after so many years of not getting it… I have come to the conclusion that most people just happen to have more important things than celebrating me. I learnt to accept that my birthday is just another day with the other 364 days in a year and that it would just have to be up to me to let people know my expectations. And for me, if they can’t come up with it on their own, then maybe I shouldnt care either.

10 Things it Took me 30 Years to…

  1. …Invest in a good pillow. Neck pain & no sleep is not worth it.
  2. …Stop assuming that people will be there for me as I have been for them. Ok. Almost stop assuming. It takes time to learn this one!
  3. …Knowledge is always a good idea.
  4. …Embrace Failure. As a perfectionist, this one was one of the harder ones but by realizing that failure is just another word for ‘try again,’ failure is not all that hard to be ok with!
  5. …Realize that apologizing is better than excuses. We are all human and by apologizing, it is easier to move on and better understand others and learn from mistakes.
  6. …Forgive in my own time. Everyone needs time to accept and move on.
  7. …Find that crying is just as therapeutic as laughing. When you can’t express anger or disappointment, crying is a calming outlet and is OK!
  8. …Realize that SPF is a MUST. The one and only thing that would keep me looking fresh no matter what age!
  9. …Find that what you have dreamt of will not always come true. Instead of focusing on what has not been realized, I need to refocus on something that is more attainable.
  10. Be myself. Someday I will find the right people who would love me for it.
Happy Birthday to ME.
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Coming back to a Winning Concept! * Find me at Sephora…Again!

Yes, you read correctly! I am boomerang-ing back to Sephora.
/Ja, du lÀser rÀtt! Jag Àr boomerang-ar tillbaka till Sephora.

Oh…remember this post a year ago? Well. I will be returning to a job and company that I love but had to leave behind (for a short while). Apparently this is a trend I am happy it is trending! In August you will find THIS boomerang employee back at Sephora with an extra spring in her step.
/Åh … kom ihĂ„g det hĂ€r inlĂ€gget för ett Ă„r sedan? Well. Jag kommer att Ă„tervĂ€nda till ett jobb och ett företag som jag Ă€lskar men var tvungen att lĂ€mna (ett tag). Tydligen Ă€r det en trend att komma tillbaka sÄ jag Ă€r glad att det Ă€r trendig! I augusti hittar du den hĂ€r boomerangmedarbetaren tillbaka pĂ„ Sephora med en extra spring i hennes steg!

This was an interesting turn of events since I wasn’t really sure if I would want to come back or what if I wanted to chance being away from the beauty industry. I have had many ask me to start my own but I’m just not interested, though I am sure if push came to shove, I would do a good job. But. I wanted to come back to what I am good at and what I have potential for and where better than the place I loved with the coworkers I loved right?
/Det hĂ€r var en intressant hĂ€ndelse eftersom jag inte var sĂ€ker pĂ„ om jag skulle vilja komma tillbaka eller om jag ville ta chansen att vara borta frĂ„n skönhetsindustrin totalt. Jag har fĂ„tt mĂ„nga förfrĂ„gningar att starta eget men jag Ă€r bara inte intresserad att göra det, men jag Ă€r sĂ€ker pĂ„ om det verkligen sket sig sÄ skulle jag göra ett bra jobb. Men. Jag ville komma tillbaka till det jag Ă€r bra pĂ„ och vad jag har potential för och var bĂ€ttre Ă€n vad jag Ă€lskade med medarbetarna jag Ă€lskar…right?

Who knows where this will take me, I do know that I would love to stay a year or so and… then? Well. We will just have to see! For those of you who read my blog and are in the area, come by, say hi and I cannot wait to see you at Sephora again soon!
/Vem vet var detta kommer att ta mig, jag vet att jag skulle Àlska att stanna ett Är eller sÄ och sen? Tjo. Vi fÄr bara se! För er som lÀser min blogg och Àr i omrÄdet, kom och sÀg hej och jag kan inte vÀnta med att se dig pÄ Sephora igen snart!

Do you think I made a good decision making a U-turn back? What is your favorite brand at Sephora? Which brand are you missing that we don’t have in Scandinavia yet?
/Tror du att jag gjorde ett bra beslut att göra en U-svÀng tillbaka?
Vad Àr ditt favoritmÀrke hos Sephora? Vilket mÀrke saknas som vi inte har i Skandinavien Àn?

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5 Hidden Gems to Treasure Hunt on the Las Vegas Strip!

Every visit we make to Las Vegas is another opportunity to go “Gem” hunting. There are some cool stuff hidden within the hotels that are fun to find!
/Varje besök vi gör till Las Vegas Ă€r ett annat tillfĂ€lle att gĂ„ pĂ„ ett “Gem” jakt. Det finns nĂ„gra coola saker dolda inom hotellen som Ă€r roliga att hitta!

#1 Popeye at the Wynn

There is a 7 foot tall Popeye by Jeff Koon within the Wynn. This statue was bought for nearly $28.2 million and is super duper shiny…
/Det finns en 7-fot lÄng Popeye av Jeff Koon inom Wynn. Denna staty köptes för nÀstan 28,2 miljoner dollar och Àr super duper shiny!

*Hint* Check close to the Theater.

#2 The Hidden Pizza Place at The Cosmopolitan

Yes. There is a no name, no sign pizza place in the Cosmopolitan serving up yummy slices and are open into the weee hours! I wouldn’t say it is so hidden though since when we were there, there was a huge group of people sitting outside mumsing on a whole pie!
/Ja. Det finns inget namn, ingen skylt pizza stÀlle i Cosmopolitan som serverar smaskiga pizza och Àr öppna super sent/tidig pÄ dagarna! Jag skulle inte sÀga att det Àr sÄ gömt men nÀr vi var dÀr fanns det en stor grupp mÀnniskor som satt utanför mumsing pÄ en hel pizza!

*Hint* Check the 3rd Floor.

#3 The Golden Nugget’s Golden Nugget

The Hand of Faith Golden Nugget was found in 1980 in Australia and the person sold the nugget to The Golden Nugget for over $1 million! It is the biggest golden nugget to date and it is pretty hard to find in the hotel…even with it’s size!
/Hand of Faith Golden Nugget hittades 1980 i Australien och personen sĂ„lde nugget till The Golden Nugget för över 1 miljon dollar! Det Ă€r den största golden nugget hittills och det Ă€r ganska svĂ„rt att hitta pĂ„ hotellet … Ă€ven med sin storlek!

*Hint* Head towards the lobby!

#4 Swim with the Sharks at The Golden Nugget

Okay so this is not really a thing to find but a pretty cool thing to do!
/Okej inte riktigt nÄgonting att leta efter men fy va kul att göra!

*Hint* Take the slide into the Tank Pool!

#5 Flamingos & Birds Habitat at Flamingo

It took us a while to actually find our way to the Habitat but it was worth finding! They have a number of Chilean flamingos as well as other ducks and fish and even turtles.
/Det tog oss ett tag att faktiskt hitta vÀgen till Habitat men det var vÀrt att hitta! De har ett antal chilenska flamingos samt andra Ànder och fiskar och till och med sköldpaddor.

*Hint* Read the signs that say HABITAT.

Have you found some hidden gems that you hint towards? Hint them in the comment section below!
/Har du hittat nÄgra av dessa eller andra som ni kan tipsa om? Skriva gÀrna dina tips nedan!

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