Summary Sunday: DaisyExpo 2017

What a weekend! Daisy Expo has always been the number one highlight of the year! It’s the first big bang in the winter gloom and this year it is just that extra special because I too am now a part of the Daisy Beauty Gang!


I will be starting with Daisy Beauty as their Sales Rep together with Kicki, Sam & Beauty By K. I am very excited for this opportunity (and quite nervous too!) and cannot wait to share my experiences with you all! As for now, my blog will stay here and I will take a look at options if I would like to move to the Daisy Portal or stay on my own domain. Let me know in the comments what you think I should do? 

Anyway on to the more interesting stuff! DaisyExpo 2017! Though I was invited as a blogger, I was able to jump right in and help out! I did of course keep my camera handy though! The first day was lectures and unfortunately I only got to sit in one of them, the rest of my day went to help set up the exhibition for the day after so this post is all about day 2 of the Expo!

Day 2: DaisyExpo 2017

Lets start on the bottom floor!

DaisyExpo 2017

Garnier had the most beautiful flower arrangements! I snapped the whole progression and it was just fantastic to see the final result of the room! They released four new series in the Respons and one of them has Maple extract and castor oil! It says to detangle, revitalize and care so I am super excited to be able to try it out!

DaisyExpo 2017
Akademikliniken was also present with their latest Pure Glow Oil (ca. 1700kr/30ml) and they also had competitions throughout the day! The Pure Glow oil is a highly concentrated Vitamin C that works against early aging and also works on lustre and elasticity.

DaisyExpo 2017

New to this year is Cinq Mōndes! I got in contact with this brand I believe a year or so ago so it was great having them present! Cinq Mōndes Spa Paris is a beautiful French Spa brand which is created by Jean-Louis Poiroux.

DaisyExpo 2017A return was from Kiss with their new Blooming lashes, Fabby Style with their glass nail files, and Vita Liberata with a 10 minute mask… but this time they also had a new brand called AtacheThe brand has 30 years of experience within Dermatology and was founded in 1983 with ASAC pharma.

DaisyExpo 2017

Speaking of Paris, Farao from Dior held mini fragrance trainings in the Diro room. I thought that their worksamples were so freakin exclusive! And not to mention their new Spring Collection is so colorful and all about the Gradations! PS: did you know that Dior has now Boy George and Rami Malek as new faces of Dior?! Mums!

DaisyExpo 2017

Rosenserien was a stand full of smiles! This brand is a swedish organic skincare brand and I love their lipbalms! They have just released the lavender one (again!) and I would love to give that one a try! (Though I do have the other 4 in every pocket and bag haha!)

DaisyExpo 2017Ellos was a newcomer to the Expo and they had a mini living room that was super cozy! They servered these huge gorgeous looking cupcakes too! Makiash also was a part of the Ellos stand and I can honestly say that I have never tried anything from the brand (nor from Ellos for that matter!). I would love to give that loose powder and that highlighter a whirl from Makiash but also the Take a shower products from Ellos Beauty!

DaisyExpo 2017

L’Occitane is a brand I haven’t had all that much contact with but the ladies were so welcoming and the room smelt like a french spa! I loved the tranquility they set up in their room and they were offering hand massages!

DaisyExpo 2017

Another favorite room was Scandinavian Cosmetics with Escada, Tweezerman, Max Factor and even Lacoste! Escada is celebrating 25 years of summer frangraces with their latest: Fiesta Carioca (420kr/30ml)! They also demoed the two new Lacoste L.12.12 fragrances for him and her AND also had the amazing Makeup Artist Tomas Lenneryd who you can see here doing Kicki’s makeup with Max Factor!

DaisyExpo 2017

Also new for this year was Toni & Guy with Alf Sörensen. I have had much contact with Alf Sörensen during my Sephora days and it was awesome to see that they have gotten the haircare brand. The room smelt yummy AND they were also serving scones!

Whew! I hope you all are still with me?

Let’s take the stairs to the second floor!

DaisyExpo 2017

Derma ProMedical is also new and they took bookings- They also had this awesome LED mask that could be used in treatments. You can see Monas Universum trying it out above! They also introduced the Tebiskin products which are new to me so hopefully I would be able to try them out soon!

DaisyExpo 2017
I was so excited to see that Yves Rocher was at the expo this year! They had a beautiful room filled with greens! They had white flowers that decorated around their products and they even took in these awesome Mojito Paralines that looked like dinosaur eggs! Guests also had the opportunity to get their skin scanned at Yves Rocher.

DaisyExpo 2017

Palina was also great to see since I bumped into them at other exhibitions earlier. They worked on new skincare which they then presented at this years expo! How awesome is that? The packaging is so colorful but classy! I had my eye on the Fairy Scrub and the Overnight Mask haha!

DaisyExpo 2017

Olaplex was the perfect lounge area! They spoke of their step 3 (259kr) and the women there were so fun to be around too!

DaisyExpo 2017
Guests had the opportunity in doing a skinscan at Eucerin and set up a new skincare routine! I personally was very interested in their sun products haha! I am obsessed with sunscreen and I saw that they had a 50+ sun fluid (129kr/50ml) that is mattifying for the face and for sensitive skin!

DaisyExpo 2017
Apoteket‘s set up was elegant in mirrored black! This matches their products super well but gosh, a bit difficult to photograph! I have not personally tried their products (yet) but they looked super interesting!

DaisyExpo 2017
GHD had amazing stylists who offered to do some blowouts, here you see Alexander working his magic!

DaisyExpo 2017
Revlon is also a newbie at this year’s expo and I loved that they used the scene in the screening room! They set up and made beautiful curls! Here you can see the beauty Amanda getting her hair done! They recently released their Be Fabulous series!

DaisyExpo 2017
Here you can see Tanja from L.Y.X Cosmetics fixing some Lacqua & La Chrome on Linnea Öst. I personally am obsessed with L.Y.X and love the women and the concept behind the brand.

DaisyExpo 2017
Acasia Skincare is new for me and my (now) coworker Beauty By K wrote about them earlier so I can’t wait to try them out on my skin!

DaisyExpo 2017
M Picaut released the Hydra Lagoon Overnight Mask (499kr/50ml) that has Malachite, Niacimide and Hyaluronic Acid. I was able to take one home on the first day and tried it. It did have a strong scent BUT worked wonders on my extremely tired skin! I need to try it longer before I can completely comment.

DaisyExpo 2017
AnneMarie Börlind released three new masks: Anti-Aging Cream Mask, 2 in 1 Black mask and Hydro Gel Mask! I am seriously needing the latter two!

DaisyExpo 2017
L’Orèal stood for the most out of this world transformation from conference room to Paris Apartment! They even covered the windows to make it look very parisienne AND there was even a parisienne living there during the expo! How cool is that? They released loads of new cleansers, makeup and I am loving the new Botanical Series! I will probably do a separate post showing all these news!

I had an incredible two days and I really hope the guests and exhibitors also had a great time. Let me know what you’d like to see more of. What brand are you looking forward to reading about here?

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MAC ProStore, Stockholm Opening Celebration (November 2016)

nutcrackersweetThe new MAC ProStore has opened on Biblioteksgatan here in Stockholm and I had the pleasure to spend time with the blog crew but also with the MAC girls I have encountered numerous times at numerous events so it was a magical event!

MAC Pro Store nutcracker sweet

The theme this Season is “Nutcracker Sweet” and the themed spread throughout the store and the people who attended! They had a nutcracker show but also many yummy treats and the makeup is just mums!!

What makes this store special is that, as mentioned, it is a PRO Store which means you can get a hold of the PRO products (YAY). You can get more down to basics for body painting and mixing. Perfect for the freelancer or just the regular customer to be honest! Nowadays, everyone can mix! In addition, this store is one of the larger Pro Stores in the world which is fantastic!

I can say that this store is one I will be visiting often and I love the fact that it is on the same street as my old workplace Sephora so if you need a makeup fix, Biblioteksgatan has got you covered!

Thank you to Superficial Mickies for taking me with her & the MAC team who made the event so successful!

Jag var bjuden till MAC Pro Store öppningen på Biblioteksgatan och det var super mysigt! Temat var Nutcracker Sweet och det fanns överallt! Pro Butiken är fylld med ordinarie sortiment men också PRO produkter som är perfekt för freelancers eller tjo alla. Butiken är faktiskt en av de största Pro butiker i världen, whoohoo! Jag älskar att den finns på samma gata som min gamla jobbställe, Sephora, så är man sminksugen, Biblioteksgatan har mycket att erbjuda!

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Acadermia 2016 | Vem Träffar Jag?

acadermia 2016


Tänkte testa det här med att bara blogga på svenska… Vad tycker ni? Jag ville i alla fall meddela att jag kommer vara på Acadermia på Lördag och undrade vem jag kommer träffa på? Det är tänkt att jag kommer vara där under hela dagen så hör av er ni som tänker vara med! Skulle vara super kul att hänga en sväng ;)

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An Evening with Elixir Cosmeceuticals

Elixir Cosmeceutivals invited me and an intimate group of women to take a closer look at their products and also to try their latest 30% Glycolic Acid Peeling Treatment (which of course I had to get done!)

Elixir Cosmecuticals Event

They surved Panini Wraps in Ceasar Chicken and Salmon. Yums!

Elixir Cosmecuticals Event

As you may know I have used Elixir skincare the past month so this was the perfect opportunity to let you know the progress of the products. If you’d like to read that post, I’ll link it here.

Elixir Cosmecuticals Event
Our hosts for the evening, Kornelia & Sanna

Elixir Cosmecuticals Event

Elixir Cosmeceuticals is a brand from Norway and thhey are result based skincare that works on your skin’s condition and not type which is fantastic since you are able to work on the problems that are more suited for YOU and not everyone else’s problems. In addition, the skincare brand is not readily available in any store but rather in specific skincare clinics and stores in which a skin therapist would be able to analyze your skin properly so you have a chance to bring the correct products home. Love! Above you can see that they even have a machine that looks at pigmentation, sun damage and other skin issues you may have in order to recommend the products for you!
There are 150 salons now that carry the brand in Scandinavia in which 11 stores in Sweden and have been available for 2 years already.

Elixir Cosmecuticals Event
Sorry for the horrible moving photo above, here you can see Sanna applying the 30% Glycolic Acid Peeling Treatment on a beauty colleague of mine. It was my turn afterwards and if you follow me on snapchat, you would have seen that I turned into a tomato after she applied the treatment on my skin. It was warm, a bit itchy but still quite comfortable afterwards. After a few hours my face went back to normal and I applied some smoothing cream just to calm it down a bit more. When I woke up in the morning I was GLOOOWWINNGGG!

Have you tried Elixir cosmecuticals? What is your favorite product? I am really digging the Niactil 4% as well as the Elixir Pads 10%.

Jag var bjuden till en event med Elixir Cosmecuticals där vi fått höra om märket och även testa på deras 30% glykolsyra peeling treatment. Jag själv har kört märket i en månad nu och verkligen älskar hur min hud har blivit sen jag började med produkterna. Jag självklart testade peelingen och kan säga att jag såg ut som en tomat i några timmar men sen fått jag finaste glöd! Det jag gillar med märket är att de utgår från hud tillstånd och inte hudtyp som gör att man får produkter som är verkligen anpassat till DIN hud och inte till ALLAS hud. Utöver så Elixir är inte tillgänglig överallt då hudteraputer har möjlighet att kunna analysera verkligen huden för att då ge kunden bästa servicen. 

Har du testat Elixir? Vad gillar du mest? Jag älskar Niactil 4% och även Elixir Pads 10%.

Event Logo

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My Top 8 Highlights of DaisyBeautyLondon2016

DaisyBeautyLondon 2016

My feet has touched down on slush snow & the weather makes me want to turn around & go back! I can already warn you now that most of the photos in this post are quite grainy since, well. As Highlights… Those are the moments to live and not record and live later…

DaisyBeautyLondon 2016
crap phone quality

DaisyBeautyLondon2016 was my first trip to the UK & it was filled with amazing people and fantastic brands. Here are my Top 8 Highlights of the Trip…

DaisyBeautyLondon 2016

crap Snapchat quality

1*I had the chance to bunk with Amanda who is a bubbly & kind blogger whom I got along with very well, so many laughs & memories!

Lesson learnt:

* If one of our room cards are working, the other one won’t.
* Talking or hearing the other person is impossible on the Tube during Rush Hour & especially when they have the windows open.
* Westfield Mall Reception needs to take a walk around & actually know what stores are available.

I didn’t get to see much of London as the other groups of bloggers/brands did, but I did get some good quality time with Amanda & Gabriella. I felt so at home with my Skåne girls so thank you so much making me feel a part of the group!

2*The letsfaceit/ IDUN girlsAida & Caroline took us to Christophers & we had a great meal! I just have one price for you: “400,000 Euro.” Speaking of firsts, I also tried my first IDUN product this weekend so I’m excited to try more & share!

DaisyBeautyLondon 2016 DaisyBeautyLondon 2016

3*The main reason Amanda & I went to Westfield was because the Models Own store was located there. I met Heather (Poppypolish) who kicked up so much inspiration in me for my new job & ambitions so that was worth the 20 minute trip out!crap Snapchat quality

4*I allowed TheBrowGal Tonya near my brows & I wanted to take so much knowledge from her brain & put it into mine. She was so humble & my brows were seriously on fleek! Now I just need to practice the new technique I learnt from her!DaisyBeautyLondon 2016

5*L’Oréal also stuck out for me this trip; if you followed me before leaving to London, I got snowed in on Wednesday so I missed the NYX event with Karen Sarahi Gonzalez (iluvsarahiiand so I found out that their PR person brought my goodiebag ALL THE WAY TO LONDON with the intention that I could get it (though we missed each other quite a bit haha). It’s thoughtful gestures like hers that I’m just so thankful for! Hopefully it arrives by post soon so I can show y’all!

DaisyBeautyLondon 2016

6* Being present at the Remembrance Sunday Cenotaph Service and Parade. Seeing all the people who came out to remember those who passed and all the poppy flowers everywhere. Its something I wont forget!

remembrance-sunday-bannerphoto from here.

7*Ah-Mazing-Food. I couldn’t have picked better places and better people to eat with. Though I did sit basically alone on our first dinner out. *boohoo*

DaisyBeautyLondon 2016

Christopher, 18 Wellington St

DaisyBeautyLondon 2016
, 123 Kingsway

DaisyBeautyLondon 2016
Royals Indian Cuisine
, 2 Endell St.

DaisyBeautyLondon 2016
The Ivy Market
, 1 Henrietta St

DaisyBeautyLondon 2016
Sexy Fish
, Berkeley Square House

8* Travelling to London with 5kgs, Coming back with around 35kgs. THANK YOU PRIMARK!

DaisyBeautyLondon 2016

I am hoping you all are ready for a DaisyBeautyLondon2016 takeover
here on the blog since I’ve got things to share!

But a huge, gigantic thank you to
KickiSam & Krizz for yet another memorable trip;
to the brands for sharing what you are all about &
to the bloggers who took the time to listen to my
Tony Irving dialect & asking that extra “Va sa du?”

Can’t get enough of the people involved? Click you’re way through to their blogs & follow em!

    Kicki                       Beauty by K

Linda Hallberg                 Kakan H                Lindas skönhet                Arga Tanten

Gabriellas makeup             Lina Ekh                 AmandaHans               Bigassfashion

HoniBeauty                      Isastar                    Spindelsven                          Pssion

CultureofMakeup            Monasuniversum               Tess M                    Sarah Grundén

Not Pictured:
Vivvi Alström, Må Bra
Ninna Ekbom, M Magasin
Lisen Sundberg, Vecko-Revyn
Agneta Elmegård, Aftonbladet

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London Calling! | Daisy Beauty London 2016

Daisy Beauty is calling & I’m jetsetting to London for their annual #DaisyBeautyLondon2016 conference! I have had the most amazing opportunities to travel with Daisy Beauty to Palma, to Rome & now to England! This year the conference will be held at the Kingsway Hall Hotel that apparently is quite close to Oxford Street and easy to get to other sights!

image from here.

This would be the first time I would be in England and London so I really do hope that I have a bit of time to look around and spend some time in the city! The conference has eight brands represented at this year’s London Trip: Apoteket, whiteshock, Idun, ghd, lumene, The BrowGal, Cetaphil & L’Oréal makeup & skin so I cannot wait to hear what they have to share!

OF COURSE, I will be updating as best I can with all the latest but do follow us on Instagram #DaisyBeautyLondon2016 and also on my personal instagram @PixiJasmine AND if you’re really wanting to Nerd into it, my Snap! @PixiJasmine

Jag kommer följa med DaisyBeauty till London i år och jag ser verkligen framemot det då jag har aldrig varit! Det kommer vara en hel helg med massa spännande då det blir 8 märken som ska med: Apoteket, whiteshock, Idun, ghd, lumene, The BrowGal, Cetaphil & L’Oréal makeup & skin. Jag kommer självklart dela med mig allt, men följ #DiasyBeautyLondon2016, Min personlig Instagram: @PixiJasmine eller om ni verkligen vill få updates direkt, min snapchat: @PixiJasmine


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PreLaunch of BECCA Cosmetics at Sephora Scandinavia

becca cosmetics sephora scandinavia

This is some news I have been sitting on for awhile.. BECCA Cosmetics will be entering Sephora Scandinavia this week as a pre-launch and the full brand is coming by 2017! I haven’t really jumped on the BECCA hype but I am excited that another brand is finally coming into the market.

The products you will be able to find first are the following:

Detta har jag suttit på länge men Becca Cosmetics kommer nu till Sephora Scandinavia och kommer pre-launch sen lansera hela märket i 2017. Här kommer de produkterna som lanseras först!

C POP Collection Pace Palette (550kr)

becca cosmetics sephora scandinavia
a palette with Jacyln Hill that has blushes and highlighters for all your needs

Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed C Pop (400kr)

becca cosmetics sephora scandinavia
The Iconic bestseller of them all!

Glow on the Go (200kr)

becca cosmetics sephora scandinavia
My Favorite of the launches since it has minis of the shimmering skin perfector as well as a a shimmering skin perfector in liquid opal. Super pretty!


Shimmering Skin Perfector Liquid Opal & MoonStone (165kr)

becca cosmetics sephora scandinavia
These are liquid highlighters in a beautiful natural form.

Have you tried Becca yet? Will you get in on some pre-launch action?

*Photos from Sephora Scandinavia,

not sponsored

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Cover FX has made it to Sweden | Event with Derek Selby

Cover FX has made it to Sweden! Finally is my answer! I have been using Cover FX for YEARS and it’s been so difficult to get a hold of my products so I am super excited that the brand has finally entered the market.

presskontakterna cover fx event

Cover FX is a disruptive, innovative brand that works on complexion! What I love about Cover FX is that they work so closely with how the products are created and therefore allows them to improve and create products that work for every person.

I was invited in to listen to Darek Selby, the brand ambassador and beauty expert! I could have listened to him and his tips for DAAAYYSS. Love the fact that he was able to encompass everything that I saw Cover FX to be. One thing that he mentioned is that all their products are color coordinated which means that if you want to switch between powder to cream or cream to drops or drops to just a concealer… Everything is coded in a way that you will get the exact same color no matter what type of product you want!

The colors are divided into G (Golden) P (Pink) & N (Neutral). Pink is not very pink either so even if you have a pink undertone, you can still wear the P shades! I am actually a mixture of 3 shades: I have N20 in the coldest and darkest months of the year. Then I have N30 when I’m at my base color and lastly I have G30 for Swedish Summers.

presskontakterna cover fx event

There are heros/bestsellers of the brand that maybe many of you have already seen or heard of. The First are the Custom Drops (469kr). These work for ALL skintypes and ALL skintones. This is one of my hero products, especially when I travel. The small bottle, the drop format and the endless possibilities.

I must also just say, the Custom Enhancer Drops are to die for!  They come in 6 colors at the moment & are $42 (~375kr) . They were completely sold out when I was in the US during their release and now they will be releasing 3 more (that I did not get the name of wah!) but this is how they look like!

presskontakterna cover fx eventphoto from Presskontakterna

presskontakterna cover fx event

There are so many primers available as well! There is an eye primer (389kr) but also face primers (389kr) for different concerns: Anti-Age, Redness, Calming & even Illuminating. We also got a sneak peek into the latest illuminating product: An Illuminating Face Mist! It gave a very subtle shimmer to my hand. Love!

presskontakterna cover fx event

I can’t not mention the Mineral Foundation (399kr)! This was one of my first purchases from Cover FX and will not be my last. It is so pigmented so very little goes a long way!

Will you be buying anything new from Cover FX? What are your favorite base products?

presskontakterna cover fx eventphoto from Presskontakterna

Åh! äntligen är Cover FX i Sverige! Jag har älskat märket i många år men ganska skönt att kunna bara beställa hem direkt istället för att leta efter en familjmedlem att skicka från USA haha. Vi var bjuden att lyssna på Derek Selby, en fantastisk människa och artist som jobbar jätte nära med produkterna på Cover FX.

En sak som är så bra med Cover FX sortimentet är att den jobbar med en bra färg system där oavsett vilken produkt du väljer så kommer du ha samma färg i andra formatet. Så om du vill ha Custom Drops men för tillfället använder pudret så är det bara att välja samma nr! Utöver så är de uppdelat med bokstaver: G (golden) P (Pink) N (Neutral)

Vi fått kolla in på sortimentet så först fått vi se lite nyheter i smyg. Jag tog bilder på nya custom enhance drops i 3 nya färger men jag fått tyvärr inte namn på dem. Custom Drop foundationen är väldigt känd och är nåt jag själv har använt i många år. Tycker den är så lätt att resa med och det finns så mycket man kan göra med den. Det finns hur många primers som helst, en för ögonen och sen finns det för anti-age, calming, illuminating osv. Speaking of, han också visade en ny illuminating spray! koolt. Sist så finns det också mineral puder foundation som är super täckande!

Kommer du klicka hem några nyheter? Vad använder du för bas?

Where to Buy:

Thankyou to Presskontakterna for this awesome opportunity to meet Derek
& play a bit more with the brand!
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