Micellar Cleansers | Liquid Gold for Lazyheads!

A lot of the skincare coming out are the all-in-ones & I love having micellar cleansers / removers in my arcenal when Travelling and or when freelancing! This trip to London, I bought myself some micellars and then I received a few too so I think I may be set for the next year!

What a micellar is is a mild water that has molecules that remove makeup and dirt by simply breaking the other molecules down. I recommend using it as a pre-cleanse to remove the heavy duty makeup on the face and eyes and then go in with a gentle cleanser afterwards.

There are so many micellars out in the market now as this trend exploded when Bioderma became huge! Bioderma just recently came to Sweden but  I have always had a little bottle in my freelance kit. You can find Bioderma at Apoteket Apotea online (Not Sponsored, Nudge: Apotea has 10% off with the code “Novemberkalas”)

micellar cleansers

I thought I would show you my top 6 micellars that I have gotten a hold of and started to love/have loved a long time:

Bioderma Sensibio H2O (250ml, 119kr)
Must have in my kit!

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water (400ml, 69kr)
Just recently released a new for dry & sensitive skin! I use this one a lot for swatches as it is just so gentle and also affordable! *Åhléns also had a 20% off campaign just recently…they may still have it ongoing now!

Apoliva 3-in-1 Micellar Vatten (200ml, 99kr)
I was given a press sample to try and I do like it! super simple.

Simple Kind to Skin Micellar (200ml, 35kr)
UK must have so I must have it too! Ive tried the wipes and I love the liquid more!

Botanics Micellar 3-in-1 Cleansing Solution All Bright (250ml, 29kr)
I was on the fence about this one but I got it on clearance for 1£ so can’t complain! I felt this one took a tad bit more time to break down makeup though.

Lumene Lähde Pure Article Micellar ()
I got a mini sample of this and I LOVE this almost as much as I love my bioderma! Need to get myself a fullsize ASAP.

Have you tried Micellar cleansers? Which one is your favorite?

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A Close Shave | Review of Grevinnans Rum Shaving Creams

Introducing Mr Charming and Nordic Star, two shaving creams from Grevinnans Rum that will give you the closest shave!

hud kosmetik mässa 2016

I met Karin from Grevinnans Rum at the Hud & Kosmetikmässa this year and we just hugged long and hard since it’s been forever since I saw her! Grevinnans Rum is located in Gränna, just outside of Jönköping where I studied and called home for a number of years! Anyway, during the exhibition, I was able to order a few new products and these two shaving creams were a must have since they were just so yummy to look at – she even demo-ed the way they lathered on my Snapchat.

Jag äntligen fått hem mina raktvålar från Grevinnans rum som jag träffade på Hud & Kosmetikmässan i år.

Grevinnans Rum Shaving Creams

grevinnansrum shaving cream mr. charming

Grevinnans Rum Shaving Creams

Who wouldn’t want Mr. Charming rubbing up against your legs? haha! This is a shaving cream that works for both men and women and works on all body parts! It has a scent of Licorice and Lavender though I do get more of a hint of the licorice more! Mr. Charming has charcoal which is deep cleansing but also ingredients such as shea butter, cacao butter, and also coconut oiil. It is recommended to leave the product on the skin a tad longer before shaving to moisturize and soften the skin!

 De här raktvålar passar både män & kvinnor och doftar hur god som helst! Mr. Charming innehåller charcoal som är djuprengörande och även innehåller Olivolja, sheasmör, cacaosmör, cocosolja, charcoal, & havresilk! Utöver så dofter det lakrits & lavendel. 

grevinnansrum shaving cream nordic star

Grevinnans Rum Shaving Creams

This one’s truely a star! It has such an amazing scent combination of patchouli, citrus and eucaluptus! Again, it also has olive oil, shea butter, cacoa butter, coconut oil but also has kaolin and aloevera. You really do feel like a star when using this shaving cream as it just gives me an extra confidence boost!

Nordic Star är den andra som känns som pure lyx!  Den doftar patchouli, citrus och lite eucaluptus och även innehåller Olivolja, sheasmör, cacaosmör, cocosolja, kaolin, havresilk, & aloevera. En liten tips är att låta det smälta lite i huden innan man rakar, då kommer huden känns mjuk & återfuktad!

What are your thoughts on Shaving Creams? Do you shave or wax your legs? arms? bodyparts?


Price: 289kr, 169kr / 200ml, 60ml
Where to Buy: Grevinnans Rum, LL Hudvård Falköping, Mr. Barbershop Jönköping, S
und hudvård Helsingborg, Reuterklou hudvård Stockholm
& även i fler som kommer inom veckan i Stockholm!


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