A GLAM BRONZE look using the new L’Oréal Cushion De Soleil

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I thought instead of doing yet another review or presentation of a new product, I thought I’d just show you a look using this new little limited edition gem! I will of course just put in a bit of my two cents in the end if you’d like to learn more!
Istället för att göra en till recension eller presentation på en ny produkt så tänkte jag det skulle vara kul att visa er en look istället med nya limited edition produkten! Jag självklart kommer lägga i lite info i slutet av inlägget om ni vill veta mer!

L'oreal glam bronzer cushion

L’oréal Nude Magique Cushion – 1 Rose Porcelain
L’oréal Glam Bronze Cushion de Soleil
MAC Eyebrow pencil – Strut
Coastal Scents Revealed palette 2 (Burgundy shadow)

Benefit Highbrow under brows…Nothing else



I love cushion foundations and am loving the fact that more companies have been coming out with versions such as blushes and bronzers.
Jag älskar cushion foundaiton och älskar att fler företag håller på släppa ut ännu fler produkter i cushion format.

L'oreal glam bronzer cushion
L’oréal has released a limited edition bronzer in a cushion called the Glam Bronze Cushion De Soleil. It comes in a beautiful bronze-like package with a large mirror and a thin little applicator pad.

L'oreal glam bronzer cushion
L’oréal har släppt en limited edition bronzer i Glam Bronze Cushion de soliel. Det kommer i en bronze förpackning och har en stor spegel och en tunn liten applikator.

L'oreal glam bronzer cushion
I recommend pressing down EXTREMELY lightly as the product does have ALOT of product!

L'oreal glam bronzer cushion
The one thing that I really did not like with this product is the fact that using the applicator does not do any favors. I instead used a fluffy brush and it blended out seamlessly.
Jag rekommenderar att när du trycker ner på produkten gör det super snällt då det finns otroligt mycket produkt i dosan. En sak jag inte tycker om med produkten är att om du ska använda applikatorn som medföljer så kommer det inte alls se bra ut! Jag använt en fluffig pensel istället och det suddades ut fantastisk fin.

Where to Buy: Kicks, Åhléns
 199kr /14,6g

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Elvital Extraordinary CLAY by L’oréal

samples for consideration

I haven’t really done many hair reviews nor presented all that much about hair products in general on my blog but this one was too good to not!
Jag har inte gjort många hår recensioner i allmänt på bloggen men jag ville gärna visa er de här produkterna då de är grymma!

Loreal Evital Extraordinary Clay
There are 4 products in this line: A pre-shampoo treatment mask, a shampoo, a conditioner and lastly a dry shampoo. According to the packaging there are different clays that are in each product. The packaging is a turqouise green-blue, not all that extraordinary but it’s not the look that’s important.
Det finns 4 produkter: en Pre-shampoo mask, en shampoo, en balsam och sist en torrschampoo. Enligt förpackningen så finns det olika lera i produkterna. Förpackningen är turqouise grön-blå, inte så “extraordinary” men utseende är inte lika viktig som innehållet.

As a girl with multi-colored hair I have issues finding hair products that don’t wash out my hair color completely and so I was very skeptical trying these items out since I was afraid it would wash everything out completely.
Som en tjej som har multi-färgat hår så har jag svårt att hitta hårprodukter som inte tvättar ut mitt hårfärg totalt så jag var skeptisk att testa de här produkterna. Jag ville inte att all färg skulle tvättas ut.

Loreal Evital Extraordinary Clay
The first is a clay-in-mask pre-shampoo treatment. This is something you put in first for 5 minutes then wash off. The mask is a turquoise color, thick in consistency and has quite a heavy scent to it.
Första delen är lera-i-mask pre-shampoo mask som man lägger i håret 5 minuter innan man tvättar håret. Det är också turquoise i färg, tjock i konsistens och är ganska tungt i doft.

Loreal Evital Extraordinary Clay
When I applied the mask my hands turned blue and it was incredibly difficult to remove the color from my hands… Just a word of warning!
När jag applicerade masken så mina händer blev blå och det var otroligt svårt att ta bort färgen..bara så ni vet!

Loreal Evital Extraordinary Clay
Then you can use the shampoo & conditioner, both to cleans the scalp and hair and also repairs all the way from root to tip. My hair felt cleansed and my color stayed in place which was my biggest worry.
Efter så använder man schmpoo & balsamet som rengör och ger näring to håret. Jag kände att håret var mjuk och färgen stannade kvar. Det var min storst oro!

Loreal Evital Extraordinary Clay
After 3 or so days I was able to still re-fresh my hair with the dry shampoo which did not crisp nor leave residue which again, in my colored hair says a lot about a dry shampoo!
Efter 3 dagar kunde jag fräscha upp håret med torrschampoot och det lämnade inte spår i håret och kände inte tungt på nåt sätt. Återigen detta är stort om man har multi-färgat hår som min!

Do you get dry ends and/or need to re-balance your hair? I do recommend trying this line. It is affordable and did do well on my multi-colored hair!
Om du känner du får torra toppar eller känner en behov att ombalansera håret så jag rekommenderar starkt att testa de här serien.. det är bra i pris och fungerar bra på färgat hår som min!

Shampoo & Conditioner: 39kr/ 250ml /piece
Mask & Dry Shampoo: 79kr / 150ml /piece

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For Glossy Lips, Juicy Shaker by Lancôme

A while back I was at a news evening with L’oréalLuxe and Lancôme presented their latest: Juicy Shakers! These glossy shakers were a brainchild of the fab Lisa Eldridge!
Några veckor sen var jag på en nyhetskväll med L’oréalLuxe och Lancôme presenterade nya Juicy Shakers! De här är glossy shakers gjort av Lisa Eldridge!

The concept is simple: Shake, Twist, & Dab! This lipgloss has a bi-phased formula that pairs lip oils with pigments. The oils include sweet almond oil, omega 3 & Cranberry oil.
Konceptet är enkel: Shake, Twist & Dab! Läppglansen har en bi-formula med oljor och pigmenter. Oljorna inkluderar söt mandelolja, omega 3 & tranbär olja.

The applicator is a cushion applicator so super soft and applies the gloss very softly. The shape is simple and gives the exact amount needed for the lops!
Applikatorn är en chushion applikator som är mjuk och applicerar produkten fint. Storleken är enkel och ger exakt mängd på läpparna!

There are 13 shades and one limited edition in Mint to Be (I must have this one!) The one that I have is Berry in Love.
Det finns 13 färger och 1 limited edition Mint to Be (som jag måste ha!) Den som jag visar här är Berry in Love.

Would you be shaking this summer? Which color would you be getting?
Vilken kommer du skaka nu till sommaren? Vilken färg vill du ha?

Price: 199kr
Where to Buy: Sephora, Kicks, Åhléns

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Say Aloha to the New Hoola Family from Benefit! (And some extras… ;))

Benefit has released a number of new products including a Hoola Family and even a few new products in the POREfessional family.

Dew the Hoola

This liquid bronzer was only available in mini format in the Hoola kit and now is in fullsize!

Hoola Brush


A soft synthetic fiber brush that has greentinted hairs (I’m guessing because bamboo is green?) and the handle is golden bamboo. Its a tapered fluffy brush that I can imagine applies bronzers well.

Hoola Zero Tanlines

Benefit Hoola Zero Tanlines
This is an instant self-tanner that does not smell of self-tanner and gives a beautiful bronzey color.

Benefit Hoola Zero Tanlines

I like that the packaging is very attractive AND that it includes an application sponge IN the cap!

POREfessional Matte Rescue Gel (310 SEK)

Benefit porefessional matte rescue
This is the latest in the POREfessinal family that completes for those of us who are more oily in skintype. I have had issues using original POREfessional since it usually crumbled underneath my bases. I have used this product for around a week now and I’m impressed with its longevity.

POREfessional Instant Wipe out Masks ( /8 masks)

Benefit porefessional wipeout mask

I was super interested in this product and got to try out 2 masks before it was released! It’s basically a nicer porestrip that doesn’t dry on the skin which means you don’t have to rip off your living (and dead) skincells off your face but rather cleanse then scrub instead!

Cheekathon Blush Palette (595 SEK)

Benefit Cheekathon

5 Fullsize blushes in an easy palette. What to say except awesome price for great products! You get Rockateur, Dallas, Hoola, Coralista and the only blush we can’t get here in Sweden: Dandelion!

Benefit Cheekathon

There is a large mirror AND also a little brush that comes with the set! It’s limited edition so get it while it’s still in stock!

Is there anything from Benefit you’re looking forward to trying?

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My Konjac Sponge Company Pink Heart Face Sponge

samples for consideration

polhem konjac sponge

I actually haven’t heard of the konjac sponge company until the little event with Polhem a week or so ago. In my goodie bag was their Pink Heart Face Sponge that I got the opportunity to try.

polhem konjac sponge
I absolutely love konjac sponges and have used my fair share of them. If you don’t know much I got a few little tidbits to share about these friendly facial cleanser sponges.

The konjac sponge is a porous root veggie that is extremely popular in Asia and have gained popularity around the world. As it is a root veggie, I suggest keeping them maximum a month. They are super gentle but do exfoliate (also depending on what type of konjac sponge). Due to the exfoliation they contribute to radiance but I can say that if you’re looking for that extra glow, this sponge will disappoint!

In addition, I do know there are sponges that contain charcoal said to be good for acne but I personally don’t think that this is the solution to such skin problems. They are ideal on all skin types but work well on sensitive, dry and even rosacea affected skins. You can take your makeup off with this product just by water and any cleanser.

polhem konjac sponge
So. The Pink Heart sponge from Konjac Sponge Company is a french pink clay sponge that is awesome for reviving tired skin (Pink clay is known for caring for irritated skin). According to the company the sponge itself is 100% pure konjac from volcanic plains of UNESCO protected jeju Island which is located in South Korea. The sponge is 100% biodegradable & fully sustainable.

I did not notice much of a difference the first week of use, but the more I used it, the easier it was to take off my makeup but also get rid of the flakey skin I’ve been battling around my nose & nose piercing.

Do you use Konjac Sponges? If so which ones have you tried?

Price: 112 SEK
Where to Buy: Feelunique

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New Fragrances at Saether! | Spring-Summer 2016

Saether Fragrance Spring 2016I love going to news evenings at Saether since they go through so many different brands and their latest so I thought I’d share a few highlights from the evening!
Jag älskar att gå på nyhetskvällar med Saether då de går genom så många olika märken så jag tänkte visa er några saker från kvällen!

Saether Fragrance Spring 2016
Marc Jacobs will release their latest: BLUSH in three editions. Daisy Blush, Daisy Eau So Fresh Blush & the one I love the most, Daisy Dream Blush!
Marc Jacobs kommer släppa 3 nya dofter i BLUSH.

Saether Fragrance Spring 2016
From Thomas Sabo I am excited to show you Forever. It is a fruity and flowery fragrance with bergamott, pear, rose, violet, amber and even cedertree.
Från Thomas Sabo kommer forever. Det är fruktig och blommig med bergamott, päron, ros, violet, amber och cedarträ.

Saether Fragrance Spring 2016
I have loved Nina Ricci fragrances and this spring they will release Nina POP. This one too will be a floral fruity scent. It starts with lime & lemon, apple peony and even in the base some apple tree and cedar.
Jag älskar Nina Ricci dofter och nu i vår kommer Nina POP. Det är blommig-fruktig med lime, citron, äppel, peony och även äppelträ och cedar.

Saether Fragrance Spring 2016
Elie Saab has beautiful scents and the latest is Rose Couture. This scent has orange blossom and rose petals just like the original. In addition it also has jasmine, vanilla and also a base with patchouli & sandalwood.
Elie Saab har vackra dofter och nyheten är Rose Couture. Doften har apelsinblomma, rospedaler precis som originalen. Den också har Jasmine, vanilj, patchouli och sandelträ.

Saether Fragrance Spring 2016
I am not a huge fan of Prada but it works well with maybe a younger group and/or a person who likes sweeter scents. This one is within Oriental Musk family and has bergamott, lily of the valley and also musk & vanilla.
Jag har inte varit bästa kund till Prada men det funkar för yngre eller även någon som gillar söta dofter. Denna räknas i orientalisk-mysk och har bergamott, lilekonvalj och mysk & vanilj.

Saether Fragrance Spring 2016Chloé continues the family of love story with an eau de toilette! A scent beggining with a meeting of lovers in the morning sun. The scent has orange blossoms and peppery notes of nasturcia and plum blossom.
Chlé fortsätter med en ny doft i Love store som är en eau de toilette. Det börjar med apelsinblomma och peppardoft av nasturcia och plommonblomma.

Saether Fragrance Spring 2016
Paco Rabanne is also following suite and releasing some fresher versons of Invictus for him, Olympéa for her!
Paco Rabanne följer trenden och har friskare dofter av Invictus för honom och Olympéa för henne.

Olympéa Aqua is a fresh aquatic with notes of bergamot, petitgrain and ginger flower. It also has salted vanilla and cashmere wood that makes it a bit grounded in scent!
Olympéa Aqua är frisk aquatic med toner av bergamot, petitgrain & ingefära blomma. Det också har saltat vanilj & cahsmere trä.

Invictus Aqua is a marine-citrus scent and again more aquatic this round. It has grapefruit, yuzu and also herbal violet and marine notes. It does have a bit of woody amber aswell to warm off the scent.
Invictus Aqua är marin-citrus doft och har grapefrukt, yuzu, violet och marintoner. Det har lite trä amber.

Saether Fragrance Spring 2016
Davidoff’s summer fragrances will be Exotic Summer and to be honest, they scent quite similar to their usual summer scents.
Davidoff kommer ut med Exotic Summer under sommaren…de doftar super lik de andra att bli ärligt.

Saether Fragrance Spring 2016
Similar to Davidoff, Lagerfeld has also taken the waterfront inspiration with Ocean View for him & her.
Precis som Davidoff, Lagerfeld har också en vatten tema med Ocean View.

OceanView for him is a very woody aromatic scent with tones of bergamot, mint, green apple and even vetiver and wild berries!
OceanView för honom är trä-aromatisk och har bergamot, mint, grön äppel och vetiver och vildabär.

OceanView for her is more floral fruity with tones such as litchi, pineapple, peach, jasmine, rose and even vanilla and sandalwood in the base.
OceanView för henne är blommig-fruktig med litchi, ananas, aprikos, jasmine, ros, vanilj och sandelträ.

Saether Fragrance Spring 2016
I do love me my Luna Rossa from Prada and yet again the trend continues with a Eau version of this scent.
Jag älskar Luna Rossa från Rada och de också släpper Eau versionen.

Saether Fragrance Spring 2016
And….of course, the latest CK one – CK one SUMMER… I liked the color of this bottle though the scent…quite similar to the previous summers… This one however is said to have lime mojito, lemon, guava and cedar.
Och…CK one kommer ut med en ny Summer. Jag gillar flaskan men doften är lik de andra. Denna är sagt att ha mer lime mojito, citron, guava och cedar.

Saether Fragrance Spring 2016
The first scent I got to scent and the one I brought home with me is the CK2. This scent is unisex and is intended for Millennials. This scent is known as urban woody and has a combination of wasabi, mandarin, violet leaf, wet cobblestones, orris root, rose absolute and even vetiver and incense!
Första doften jag fått dofta är den jag fått ta hem…CK2. Denna är unisex och är skapat för millennials. Denna är sagt att vara urban träig och har wasabi, mandarin, viol, blöta stenar, orris, ros absolut och vetiver…

Which fragrance are you looking forward to this Spring/Summer season?
Vilken doft ser du fram emot denna Vår/Sommar säsongen?

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YAY! Kat Von D Launch Today!

kat von d kvd launch sweden sephora
Today is the day for our Kat Von D Launch! I am super excited to finally be able to sell some amazing products.
Idag är Kat Von D Launchen! Jag är super glad att kunna sälja otroliga produkter.

In addition to that Kat Von D’s artist Erik Soto will be with us the whole day so we will start off with morning training with him. Then he will do 20minute flash makeups with customers who booked in. In the afternoon he will spend time with some beauty bloggers.
Idag kommer Kat Von D’s artist Erik Soto att vara med oss hela dagen. Vi börjar med morgon träning med honom sen ska han sminka kunder. På eftermiddagen kommer han spendera med några skönhetsbloggare med.

If you’re planning on coming in, with a purchase of 2 Kat Von D products, you will receive a Mini Tattoo Liner in Trooper! If you’re a member, you will also get an additional mini studded in Underage red!
Om du vill komma förbi så vid köp av 2 Kat Von D Produkter, kommer du erhålla en mini tattoo Liner i Trooper. Om du är sephora medlem så kommer du också få en mini studded i Underage red!

What would you be trying from Kat Von D?
Vad kommer du prova från Kat von D?

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Kat Von D Studded Lipstick Vault Swatches

I haven’t had the time to show you all the swatches from the Kat Von D Studded Vault I bought a number of weeks back! I guess it’s the perfect time to do so since we will be launching Kat Von D on the 16th!
Jag hade inte tid att visa alla swatches av min Kat Von D Studded Vault som jag köpte ett tag sen. Detta är perfekt tajming då vi kommer släppa KVD här i Sverige den 16e.

Unfortunately they sent a 2 doubles of LUV & Magik so I am missing Noble, Wonderchild & Sexer. I guess I’ll just have to purchase them another day!
Tyvärr så skickade de dubbletter av LUV & Magik så jag saknar Noble, Wonderchild & Sexer. Jag får ta och köpa dom sen!

Kat Von D Studded Lipstick Vault KVD
This kit came in this gorgeous boxKat Von D Studded Lipstick Vault KVD
On the side it says it’s a collector’s editionKat Von D Studded Lipstick Vault KVD
The packaging inside is gorgeous. A studded gem!Kat Von D Studded Lipstick Vault KVD
And my edition was autographed by Kat Von DKat Von D Studded Lipstick Vault KVD
The lipsticks are sitting comfortably in a red velvet background

It took awhile and raw lips to get these swatched and I’m not all that great at taking lip photos so I hope these are helpful anyway!
Det tog en stund och otroligt torra läppar för att swatcha de här åt er…och jag är urdålig på att ta läppbilder så jag hoppas de här är hjälpsamma ändå!

Kat Von D Studded Lipstick Vault KVD Kat Von D Studded Lipstick Vault KVD
Plan 9

Kat Von D Studded Lipstick Vault KVD Kat Von D Studded Lipstick Vault KVD

Kat Von D Studded Lipstick Vault KVD  Kat Von D Studded Lipstick Vault KVD
Backstage Bambi

Kat Von D Studded Lipstick Vault KVD  Kat Von D Studded Lipstick Vault KVD

Kat Von D Studded Lipstick Vault KVD  Kat Von D Studded Lipstick Vault KVDL.U.V

Kat Von D Studded Lipstick Vault KVD  Kat Von D Studded Lipstick Vault KVD

Kat Von D Studded Lipstick Vault KVD  Kat Von D Studded Lipstick Vault KVD

Kat Von D Studded Lipstick Vault KVD  Kat Von D Studded Lipstick Vault KVD

Kat Von D Studded Lipstick Vault KVD  Kat Von D Studded Lipstick Vault KVD
Underage Red

Kat Von D Studded Lipstick Vault KVD  Kat Von D Studded Lipstick Vault KVD

Kat Von D Studded Lipstick Vault KVD  Kat Von D Studded Lipstick Vault KVD

Kat Von D Studded Lipstick Vault KVD  Kat Von D Studded Lipstick Vault KVD

Kat Von D Studded Lipstick Vault KVD  Kat Von D Studded Lipstick Vault KVD
L’école des femmes

Kat Von D Studded Lipstick Vault KVD Kat Von D Studded Lipstick Vault KVD

Kat Von D Studded Lipstick Vault KVD  Kat Von D Studded Lipstick Vault KVD

Kat Von D Studded Lipstick Vault KVD  Kat Von D Studded Lipstick Vault KVD

Kat Von D Studded Lipstick Vault KVD  Kat Von D Studded Lipstick Vault KVD

Kat Von D Studded Lipstick Vault KVD  Kat Von D Studded Lipstick Vault KVD

Which color is your favorite?
Vilken färg är din favorit?

Price: $295 for 20 lipsticks & autographed box
Where to Buy: Limited Edition, Sephora.com exclusive.
(Each lipstick can be bought at Sephora Sweden on the 16th for 215 SEK)

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