A Tour around Daisy Beauty Expo 2018

Yesterday, Daisy Beauty Expo happened which is a Beauty Exhibition in which the Swedish Beauty Community is invited to meet up with over 50 companies.

I was so honored to be able to take part again this year and there were many… many brands & faces that I was so happy to meet! Unfortunately my camera ran out of battery half way through the day but at least my phone has decent quality photos! Here is a look into what I saw at the Expo this year.

/Daisy Beauty Expo gick av stapeln och det var en fantastisk event där influensers och företag kan träffas och prata skönhet och nyheter och det är bästa tillfälle att bara hänga och lära känna branschen. Tyvärr så batteriet i kameran tog slut men tur min telefon ger ändå helt ok kvalité. Gärna lämna ett kommentar om det finns någonting ni vill se eller veta mer om!

Let me know in the comments if you want me to talk more about a specific product or brand!


Absolutely beautiful and they outdid themselves again this year with a Paris themed room and each product group had its own side of the room! They even thad 3 Vänner ice cream served and gorgeous sitting where you do feel like you are on a Parisienne Street.


Ah. Marielle! I loved that they booked us in for a Do it Yourself Serum! Mine was very similar to their latest Fairy Drops Serum!


YES YES YES TO ALL THINGS RETRO! Depend decorated with Glitter Balloons, and they were dressed to KILL! They were inspired by their latest release Studio 54 which unfortunately got lost on the way home to me so I haven’t got a hold of the polishes yet… But they look amazing.

I got my nails did in their Summer collection to be released later in the year.. And I got some Hanna Lashes put on too!

*Bild av @Beauty.Mickis


Me oh My! So many new fragrances will be coming this year.. My specific Favorites is the new Chloé and Elie Saab’s new fragrances!


A new brand in the market is NoxiDoxi and they were very informative of their products and their best sellers! I cannot wait to try the duo cartridge Eye Gel. It is even peel off!!


Kerstin Florian is known for their skincare and they will be releasing a new range of beauty products including a concealer, CC cream and foundation.


So many new launches from BareMinerals that you will start seeing in stores already by February-March. New BarePro Concealers are high on my list to try!


At Revlon I got my makeup touched up…


And.. At Elizabeth Arden Pro, They did their oxygen Facial Service which of course I got done too! Below you can see the absolutely beautiful (inside & out!) Saffron-Sugar ready to get her service.


I just had to include Wet n Wild as they are part the of Daisy Beauty Awards and in my category – Best Vegan Cosmetics. They were serving up yummy macarons.


IDUN Merinals will be releasing a new brow gel in 3 colors…


And these glittery brushes from Real Techniques can already be found in stores!


New in the market is TIGI Cosmetics. I am super excited to try their foundation and mascara! … Plus. the Lipsticks are Diamond shaped! How unique?


I heard that Björk & Berries had a great lecture on Friday and everyone was talking about the new fragrance Moon Flower. It smells nice AND they also have a limited edition candle in White Forest out now that I MUST HAVE.


KISS NY PRO was representing with their new makeup line that I have wrote about quite a few times now. They also have sheet masks that are worth checking out.


My favorite Skincare brand from Norway was also present and I am in love with their products still.


I love Lina from Palina. She knows her ingredients and gives everything to her brand which I know I can trust. The new masks from her line have been skin-saving after trying some masks that irritated my skin. She allowed me to try a few of her new products and I cannot wait to share with you more soon!

Other New Launches for 2018!

What are you looking forward to seeing more of in 2018? What would you like me to dive more into in further blogposts?



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My Black Friday Purchase * Violet Voss Taupe Notch Palette

I have been a fan of Violet Voss Palettes and really wanted to try the Matte about You palette. I decided on picking up 2 palettes: Matte about You and Taupe Notch but unfortunately only one of the palettes made its way home to me.

/Jag har varit en fan av Violet Voss Palettes och ville verkligen testa Matte about You Paletten. Jag bestämde mig för att köpa 2 paletter: Matte about You och Taupe Notch men tyvärr kom bara en av paletterna hem till mig.

With that said, I am impressed with the Taupe Notch palette and wanted to show you how it looks like and my initial thoughts!
/Jag är imponerad med Taupe Notch paletten så jag ville visa er den och mina initiala tankar kring paletten.

20 Eyeshadows housed in a slim, medium-large palette that adds to the vass amount of neutral palettes already out there.

I have used and loved the Holy Grail palette from Violet Voss and so I of course wanted to try a new palette and so I clicked this one home. The palette is filled with taupes, bronze shades, browns, mattes and shimmers… Anything you could need for a neutral go-to look.
/Jag har använt och älskat Holy Grail paletten från Violet Voss och så ville jag naturligtvis prova en ny palett och så klickade jag på den här. Paletten är fylld med taupes, bronze nyanser, bruna, matt och skimmer … Allt en kan behöva för en neutral go-look.

They swatch intensively and pigmented just like the holy grail did and they wear very well on the eyes. I do notice that the Violet Voss shadows in general dust a little but not enough that I reacted to it when applying on the lid.
/De swatchar intensivt och är pigmenterade – precis som Holy Grail och de håller riktigt bra på ögonen. Jag märker att Violet Voss-skuggorna dammar lite men inte tillräckligt att jag reagerade på det när jag la de på locket.

Row 1
Row 2
Row 3
Row 4

I am happy with this palette and I know it will come to great use this year! World Class, Supreme, Prime and MVP are absolutely fab colors in my opinion and make the palette worth purchasing.
/Jag är riktigt nöjd med paletten och vet att denna kommer användas flitigt. World Class, Supreme, Prime och MVP är favoriterna och gör paletten värt att köpa.

What are your thoughts on this palette? Would you buy this one?
Vad tycks? Skulle du köpa denna palett?

Price: 599kr
Where to BuyVioletVossMadlady.seCultBeauty
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5 Favorite Nail Products from Depend Cosmetics

I have used Depend Cosmetics for many years, have travelled with them and have loved so many of their products, from their polishes to eyelashes to tools. I wanted to talk a little extra about a few of my must haves when taking care of my nails.

/Jag har använt Depend Cosmetics i många år, har rest med dem och har älskat så många av deras produkter. Allt från deras nagellack till ögonfransar och även deras verktyg. Jag ville prata lite extra om några av mina must haves när jag tar hand om mina naglar.

Grape & Avocado Nail Oil (99kr)

This product is and always will be something I cannot live without. It is an oil that works well on my dry fingers. The oil is enriched with grapeseed oil, avocado oil, almond oil and Vitamin E. It absorbs quickly in the skin and feels amazing on the nails.
/Denna produkt är och kommer alltid att vara något jag inte kan leva utan. Det är en olja som fungerar bra på mina torra fingrar. Oljan är berikad med druvolja, avokadoolja, mandelolja och vitamin E. Det absorberar snabbt i huden och känns fantastiskt på naglarna.

Hand & Cuticle Cream (79kr)

This is a great product to have in your handbag. It is filled with Aloe Vera, sunflower oil, cacao butter, shea butter, and Vitamin E. It also comes in a larger size if you want it!
/Det här är en bra produkt att ha i din handväska. Den är fylld med Aloe Vera, solrosolja, kakaosmör, sheasmör och vitamin E. Den också kommer i en större storlek om du behöver det.

Peeling Pen (69kr)

This comes with a ceramic top and an oil in the middle of the pen! It works on taking away dead skin cells off the nail bed which is perfect to even out my nails as I do have softer more splitting nails.
/Detta kommer med en keramisk topp och en olja i mitten av pennan! Det fungerar att ta bort döda hudceller från nagelbädden vilket är perfekt att utjämna mina naglar eftersom jag har mjukare och mer splittrande naglar.

RemoverPen (59kr)

This is just such an awesome pen, I have used many different ones but this is the one I fall back on each time. It is a perfect to remove any mishaps.
/Denna är en fantastisk penna då jag har testat hur många andra som helst men ändå faller tillbaka på denna! Den tar bort allt som hamnar utanför nageln!

Protecting Base Coat (69kr)

Ofcourse there is the 5-in-1 which I use often but lately it has been the Protective Base Coat and it holds my polishes better (or so I believe!) and it protects my nails from any discolorations from polishes or anything else for that matter!
Självklart så har de också den 5-in-1 som jag använder men den senaste tiden gillar jag Denna Protecting Base Coat då den håller nagellacket bättre men också skyddar min naturlig nagel som behövs!

Do you have any nail favorites? Which product is your favorite from Depend Cosmetics?
Har du några nagelfavoriter? Vad är din favorit Depend Cosmetics produkt?

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Look of the Day – A Splash of Creativity

I did not get around to posting this look before the New Years so this post is just a tad bit late. We had an all out BeautyPark theme at work so I decided on doing a look inspired by Cirque de Soleil!
/Jag hade tyvärr inte tiden att visa er denna look innan nya året så det kommer så här en vecka sent.

Isadora Natural Matte Foundation
Models Own Loose Powder
Lorac Pro Contour Palette
BECCA Shimmer Highlighter – Moonstone
BECCA Shimmer Highlighter – Prismatic Amathyst
Kat Von D Alchemist Palette

NYX Jumbo Pencil – Milk
Lit Cosmetics Glitter – Oprah nr. 3
Kat Von D Tattoo Liner – Trooper
Kat Von D Ink Liner – Neruda
Sephora Liquid Eyeliner – Burgundy
Sephora Duo Eyeliner – Limited Edition (Yellow Liquid liner)
Sleek ACID Palette
Depend False Lashes – Limited Edition Grey Flare
Random Rhinestones size 0,5 and 1,5mm

Kat Von D Everlasting Lipstick – Backstage Bambi
Sephora Lipstick – Escape to Rio – Neon Pink

Would you like to see more of these kinds of looks?

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Multimasking with L’Oréal’s Pure Clay Masks

Emoji or smurf? I am loving the fact that masks are just popping up here and there with different formulas, different uses and in multiple colors!
/Emoji eller smurf? Jag älskar att masker bara dyker upp här och där med olika formulas, olika användningsområden och i flera färger!

I have been interested in trying new masks out and L’Oréal sent me the Pure Clay Brightening and Pure Clay Anti-Blemish masks and this is what I experienced.

/Jag har varit intresserad av att prova nya masker och L’Oréal skickade mig både Pure Clay Brightening och Pure Clay Anti-Blemish masker. Detta är hur jag upplevt produkterna.

Pure Clay Brightening Mask – Yellow

The Brightening mask (139kr) is said to be a combination of clays including kaolin, montmorillonite and ghassoul with extracts of yuzu. The yellow mask has a bit of exfoliation within the mask and is created with peach seeds that would give the skin an even tone and lustre. The mask is to be used 2-3 times a week but I have noticed that just once a week does the trick!
/Den Brightening mask (139kr) sägs vara en kombination av lera: kaolin, montmorillonit och ghassoul och även har extrakt av yuzu. Den gula masken har lite exfoliering och är skapad med persikakärnor som skulle ge huden en jämn ton och lyster. Masken ska användas 2-3 gånger i veckan men jag har märkt att bara en gång i veckan gör tricket!

Pure Clay Anti-Blemish Mask – Blue

The Anti-Blemish Mask (139kr) is again made with a combination of the 3 clays but also seaweed that works on blemishes. The mask claims to reduce blackheads and also tightens pores. Again, the mask should be used 2-3 times a week.
/Anti-Blemish Mask (139kr) görs återigen med en kombination av de tre lera men även innehåller sjöalgae som jobbar på blemmor. Masken hävdar att man reducerar pormaskar och stramar porerna. Återigen ska masken användas 2-3 gånger i veckan.


I like combining these two masks as my skin is in need of both depending on the area. My Tzone is prone to larger pores and blackheads whereas my cheeks are always in need for more even tone. I feel that after just one use the masks work well as my skin feels softer, smoother and cleansed. After using it 3 times in a week, my skin felt moisturized and again, even in tone. The scrub in the brightening mask was not harsh and did not irritate my skin.
/Jag gillar att kombinera dessa två masker eftersom min hud har behov av båda, beroende på området. Min Tzone har större porer och poremasker medan mina kinder är alltid i behov av en mer jämn ton. Jag känner att maskerna fungerar efter en enda användning eftersom min hud känns mjukare  och ren. Efter att ha använt det 3 gånger i veckan, kände jag att min hud mådde bra och även jämn. Skrubben i den gula masken var inte hård och irriterade inte min hud.

I find using face masks a way to unwind infront of my tv and just bringing the spa home with me. I feel that the scent of these masks are mild and the result I get from them are exactly what I like in masks. The feeling of cleansed skin and evenness before applying my skincare routine. I would definitely recommend trying these masks out if you are looking for masks that would make your skin feel like a blank canvas.
/Jag tycker att ansiktsmasker är ett sätt att varva ner framför tvn och bara ta med spa hem med mig. Jag tycker att doften av både maskerna är mild och resultatet jag får av dem är precis vad jag gillar i masker. Känslan av ren hud och jämnhet innan jag applicerar min hudvård rutin. Jag skulle definitivt rekommendera att ge dessa masker en chans om du letar efter masker som skulle göra din hud jämt som en tom canvas.

Have you tried the L’Oréal Masks? Which one is your favorite? Do you multimask?
/Har du provat L’Oréal Masks? Vilken är din favorit? Brukar du multimask-a?

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Lets Compare! Dr. Lipp vs. Lanolips

During my Christmas Calendar, many of you wanted me to do more comparisons, dupe-like posts. This was something I did when I had my YouTube Channel but I didnt get many responses on them so I stopped. This post will be about two lip products: Dr. Lipp & Lanolips. 

/Under min julkalender ville många av er att jag skulle göra mer jämförelser, dupe-liknande inlägg. Detta var något jag gjorde när jag hade min YouTube-kanal men jag fick inte många svar på dem så jag slutade. Detta inlägg kommer att handla om två läppprodukter: Dr. Lipp & Lanolips.

Dr. Lipp

Dr. Lipp has been raved about for years. It is with medical grade lanolin and can be used for everything. Originally though it was for chapped nipples and just a must have in all Make Up Artist kits.
/Dr Lipp har varit omtalat mycket i åratal. Det är med medical grade lanolin och kan användas till allt. Ursprungligen var det för torra bröstvårtor och bara ett must-have i alla Make Up Artist-kit.


 We just recently got in Lanolips to Sephora (scandi) and it is an Australian brand with basically the same ingredients – medical grade lanolin. The Fruities collection include flavors such as Strawberry, Apple and peach and also have Vitamin E.
/Vi har nyligen köpt Lanolips till Sephora (scandi) och det är ett australiskt märke med i stort sett samma ingredienser – medicinsk lanolin. Fruktkollektionen innehåller smaker som jordgubb, äpple och persika och har också vitamin E.

The Comparison


Dr. Lipp


159 Kr / 15ml 125kr/10g or 145kr/15g
Transparent Slight Color
Mild Scent Fruity/Sweet Scents
Thick consistency Thinner Consistency
Tube without application tip

Tube with application tip

The Verdict

There is slight differences but not enough to say one is better than the other. I personally like lanolips more as I do like the fact that it comes with an application tip allowing the possibility to apply directly onto the lips. I also like that there are different types of lanolips which makes it a great base for lip products. Dr. lipp is also a good product however it is just too thick for my lips but great for other dry areas like my elbows or feet.
/Det finns små skillnader men inte tillräckligt för att säga att en är bättre än den andra. Jag gillar personligen lanolips mer då jag tycker om att det kommer med en applikationsspets som gör det möjligt att applicera direkt på läpparna. Jag tycker också att det finns olika typer av lanolips som gör den till en utmärkt bas för läppsprodukter. Dr lipp är också en bra produkt men det är bara för tjock för mina läppar men bra för andra torra områden som min armbågar eller fötter.

It’s a Tie. They are both just as great. Depends on if you want just function or a little extra taste.
/Det blev oavgjort. De är båda lika bra. Beroende på om du bara vill ha funktion eller lite extra smak.

Have you tried Dr. Lipp? How about Lanolips? Which one do you like more?
/Har du provat Dr. Lipp? Vad sägs om Lanolips? Vilken tycker du mer om?

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Take 3, Get 3 – My KIKO Sale Haul

Unfortunately the KIKO Store at the mall I work at will be closing down soon so not only do they have their Mid-Season Sale, they are also having a Take 3, Get 3 free offer.
/Tyvärr kommer KIKO i köpcentret jag jobbar på stänga snart, så de har sinMid-Season Sale men också ett Take 3, få 3 gratis erbjudande.

I was only looking to pick up the holographic 3 piece travel pack but then.. I ended up filling up on new brushes and a few new makeup items from their Christmas Collections.
/Jag letade bara efter att köpa det holografiska 3-del resepaketet men då .. Jag fyllde på med nya borstar och några nya sminkprodukter från deras julkollektioner.

The Holographic 3 Piece Travel Set (org. 419kr, Sale 209kr) is a clear case that opens on the top and fits 2 holographic bags inside. I am always on the look out for a new way to store my stuff when I travel and I liked the way this set was formed. It was part of the Arctic Collection and unfortunately sold out online but can be found in a few stores stil. The XL size is awesome too since it comes with 4 pieces instead but it was sold out.
/Holographic 3 Piece Travel Set (org. 419kr, Rea 209kr) är ett genomskynlig reseförpackning som öppnar längst upp och har 2 holografiska väskor inuti. Jag är alltid ute efter ett nytt sätt att resa med mina saker och jag gillade hur den här uppsättningen var. Det var en del av Arctic kollektionen och säljs tyvärr inte online men finns i några butiker. XL-storleken är också fantastisk eftersom den kommer med 4 delar istället men den var slutsåld också.

Also from the Arctic Collection, I picked up the two brush sets: Brush Kit (Org. 299kr, Sale 209kr) and the Travel Brush Kit (Org. 295kr, Sale 206kr).
/Från Arctic Kollektionen så köpte jag både penselkit – Brush Kit (Org. 299kr, Rea 209kr) och Travel Brush Kit (Org. 295kr, Rea 206kr).

Brush Kit Includes:

  • Face Brush
  • Angled Brush
  • Mascara Wand
  • Sponge Applicator

Travel Brush Kit Includes:

  • Mini Face Brush
  • Mini Angled Brush
  • Duo Applicator Brush
  • MascaraWand & Angled Brush Duo

As for my Freebies!

As mentioned, when buying 3 items, I would get 3 products of my choice (cheapest) for free. These are the 3 I picked up.
/Som nämnts, när jag köpte 3 produkter, skulle jag få 3 valfria produkter (billigaste) gratis. Jag valde dessa tre.

I picked up the Multipurpose Kabuki Brush (Org. 199kr, Sale 99kr) which, to be honest, isn’t something I ever thought I would need but I decided it would be fun to try out. We have one at Sephora, I have seen H&M also recreate it and KIKO among many other companies so we’ll see!

/Jag köpte Multipurpose Kabuki Brush (Org. 199kr, Rea 99kr) som, för att vara ärlig, var inte något jag någonsin trodde att jag skulle behöva men jag bestämde mig för att det skulle vara kul att prova. Vi har en på Sephora, jag har sett H & M också återskapa den och KIKO bland många andra företag..så vi får se!

The Baked blushes from KIKO have been a favorite for years and I really liked the way the 01 Marmoreal Biscuit Baked Blush (Org. 199kr, Sale 139kr) looked from the Arctic Collection sooo… I used it as my second freebie. It comes in a silver cloth pouch and a metallic casing! The color is warm and can be used year round!

/Baked rouge från KIKO har varit en favorit i åratal och jag gillade verkligen hur 01 Marmoreal Biscuit Baked Blush (Org. 199kr, Försäljning 139kr) såg ut. Den tillhör också den Arctic Kollektionen. Jag använde den som min andra freebie. Den kommer i en silverpåse och ett metaldosa! Färgen är varm och kan användas året runt!

My last choice was the Smart Cult Eyeshadow palette in 01 Matte Revolution (Org. 199kr, Sale 139kr). This palette houses 12 matte shades ranging from some neutrals and many colorfuls. There is also a glittery palette but I felt that it had too much fall out for me to justify picking that one and plus, I liked the color mix in this palette over the glittery one.

/Mitt sista val var Smart Cult Eyeshadow palette in 01 Matte Revolution (Org. 199kr, Rea 139kr). Denna palett håller 12 matta nyanser – några neutrals och några färgstarka. Det finns också en glitter palett men jag kände att det hade för mycket fall-out för att motivera att välja den. Plus… Jag tyckte om färgblandningen i den här paletten över den glittrande.

Have you looked at KIKOs sale? What will you be picking up?
/Har du tittat på KIKOs Rea? Vad kommer du att köpa?


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My Year in Review 2017 🎊

I few years ago, I saw a tag about reflecting over the past year and new years resolutions.

The past 2 years I did a reflection post which was long and text-y… so…This year I thought I would do a new version as this year has been filled with transitions.

What have been your favorite posts this year to make?

I loved sharing some more personal posts this year and a few more personal thoughts like my Monday Matters on the Reset Button or when I have been transitioning jobs or getting engaged!

What has been your biggest success or opportunity this year?

Being able to transition so smoothly between jobs, I must say that my biggest opportunity this year was having fantastic co-workers who had made it a learning process that was easier to process. I guess my biggest success this year was just being able to breathe. To understand who I am better and to be able to ground myself more.

What has been your biggest set-back or challenge?

As mentioned already… This year has been just filled with transitions. I left a job, started a new job, then left that job to not know what I wanted to do… and so I ended up boomerang-ing back to Sephora for awhile. I had to take more than a few breaks from social media which was also super tough.

What’s been your biggest beauty or fashion change this year?

Well. Not much! I have had more of a health change this year – both mentally and physically. This question is quite connected to the previous one. But instead of wollowing in self-pity, I also decided on investing in a Personal Trainer and I lost a lot of weight and gained a lot of perspective instead.

What was your most expensive or most prized purchase this year?

I started shopping my stash more this year and took a step back from buying every single new collection that has come into stores. With that said, I did get myself the Saints & Sinners Palette from KvD!

Which events are most memorable this year?

  • DaisyExpo was such a highlight – to be able to work behind the scenes and help out with the exhibitors was amazing… and to of course meet my fellow bloggers.
  • Daisy Beauty Gala was also a pleasure to work with – just before Krizz went on maternity leave…literally. It was the first of its kind and we all were very proud of the work we put in.
  • Cosmoprof, Bologna with Kicki and the team was very memorable and I felt truly blessed to have been able to learn and love these amazing people who took me under their wing even though I am not of a journalistic background.
  • Daisy Beauty Cruise was filled with amazing brands and coworkers and it was bittersweet saying goodbye to being the Sales Executive at DaisyBeauty.
  • Real Techniques was soo much fun hanging out with other influensers that I havent seen for awhile. It was also cool to share with you all how I got my screen name PixiJasmine. I also got to know Frida at MakeupbyEkholm much better!
  • Hud & Kosmetik Mässa was fun to walk around and meet old and new friends. It was amazing to learn about new brands and also new products that are to be released/are already released.

Memorable Trips?


London was memorable since we travelled in January and I was also able to meet childhood friends which means the world to me.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas was seriously a trip that I would remember for a lifetime. It was when I was able to truly find myself and who I want to be. To com to terms with dealing with loss and learning acceptance.

London…again. I booked a spontaneous weekend in London and he proposed. I said yes. I cried. I got a migraine and then we ate at Shake Shack. Read more on that here.

What have you been most thankful for this year?

Being able to accept that I am enough. I am thankful for the meetings I have been able to have with old and new friendships. To realize my worth and A. A has been with me through some tough transitions that I was unsure I would have been able to deal with on my own.

Thank you all for allowing me to share my journey with you and I hope you have a great 2018.

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