A look into Kat Von D’s Saint & Sinners Palette

Today we will be looking into Kat Von D’s Saint & Sinners Palette that will be released in Scandinavia on the 25th of November 2017.
/Idag ska vi titta på Kat Von D’s Saint & Sinners Palette som kommer att släppas i Skandinavien den 25 november 2017.

The Palette is a gorgeous gothic cathedral inspired packaged product, housing 24 pearl, metallic and glimmer shadows. There are 12 saint shades, 12 sinner shades. The palette opens up with two doors, one with a pop-up window on the top with KVDs logo. Both doors have mirrors on them.
/Paletten är en vacker gothic katedral inspirerad produkt, som innehåller 24 pearl, metalliska och glimmande skuggor. Det finns 12 saint nyanser, 12 sinner nyanser. Paletten öppnar med två dörrar, en med ett popup-fönster med KVDs logotyp. Båda dörrarna har speglar.

The Packaging

The palette is 100% vegan, 100% cruelty free and also Limited Edition.
/Paletten är 100% vegan, 100% crueltyfree och även Limited Edition.

In true Kat Von D style of her holiday palettes, the names are printed in the palette and are related to the theme of the palette. This palette was originally released in collaboration with Kat von D’s Saint & Sinner Fragrances.
/I Kat Von D-stil så finns alla namn av skuggorna i paletten och är relaterade till temat av paletten. Denna palett släpptes ursprungligen i samarbete med Kat von D’s Saint & Sinner d0fterna.

The Swatches: SAINT

From Left: Absolution (glimmer shadow), worship, immaculate, chalice, sacred heart, amen

From Left: sanctuary, heaven, crucifix, cathedral, rosary, baptism

The Swatches: SINNER

From Left: rapture (glimmer shadow), sabbath, ashes, martyr, devil, revelation

From Left: vestment, ministry, exodus, exorcism, relic, stigmata

A few Notes

The top two shadows: absolution and rapture are both glimmer shadows. This means that they were created more like toppers for shadows – to be used on its own or together with other shadows. I noticed that when I swatched them, they were a tad bit dusty but when applying they were super smooth and easy to use – with your fingers. If you use a brush, it would be a bit more difficult to get color pay off.
/De två översta skuggorna: absolution och rapture är båda glimmerskuggor. Detta betyder att de skapades som toppers för skuggor – för att användas ensam eller tillsammans med andra skuggor. Jag märkte att när jag testat dem var att de är lite dammiga men när de applicerades var de superlätta och mjuka att använda – med fingrarna. Om du använder en borste så kommer det vara svårare att få bättre pigment.

Other than that, I love this palette. It is a tad bit difficult to store but beautiful to have on top of my makeup table. I would have loved to have a few more matte transition colors but I can still create wearable looks using both sides of the palette.
/Annars så älskar jag paletten. Det är lite svårt att förvara men vackert att ha på mitt sminkbord. Jag skulle ha älskat att ha några fler matte övergångsfärger men jag kan fortfarande skapa slitstarkt looker med båda sidor av paletten.

What are your thoughts on the Saint & Sinners palette from Kat von D? Would you be purchasing this palette this year?
/Vilka är dina tankar på Saint & Sinners från Kat von D? Skulle du köpa denna palett i år?

Price: 620kr
Where to buy: Sephora.se, Sephora Scandinavia
Release: 25th November 2017
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An Engagement Present from Lush!

Thank you so much Lush for our gift!
/Tack så himla mycket för vår present Lush!

Yesterday A & I picked up a package from Lush Cosmetics. We were on the way home from work and A is usually with me when I open packages.
/Igår hämtade vi ett paket ifrån Lush Cosmetics. Vi var på väg hem från jobbet och A brukar var amed när jag öppna förpackningar så denna var en fin överraskning.

Lush sent us an engagement care package and we are super thankful! (and of course I wanted to share it with you all too!)
/Lush skickade en förlovningspaket och vi är super tacksam! Självklart vill vi dela med oss vad vi fått!

I noticed when picking up this lush gift that it smelt exactly like my favorite bath bomb: Sexbomb.. and lo and behold… Sexbomb! Sexbomb was one of the first bath bombs A & I bought when we first bought our apartment together (and have a tub!) and it is perfect for just this occasion! One of my favorite scents in the world is the Jasmine flower (yes, I may be biased haha!) and this one is filled with this beautiful flower!
/Jag märkte att lådan doftade som min favorit badbomb: Sexbomb .. och vi hittade… Sexbomb! Sexbomb var en av de första badbomberna A & I köpte när vi först köpte vår lägenhet tillsammans (och har en badkar!) Och det är perfekt för just detta tillfälle! En av mina favorit dofter är jasminblomman och den här är fylld med denna vackra blomma!

A & I are homebodys which makes this next gift unbelievably perfect for us! Sleepy is a mix of lavender flower and tonka absolute. This lotion is soft and does not leave an oily feel afterwards. Both A & I love this product so much and will be repurchasing this one!
/A & I är homebodys som gör att denna nästa gåva är otroligt perfekt för oss! Sleepy är en blandning av lavendelblomma och tonka absolut. Denna lotion är mjuk och lämnar inte en fet känsla efteråt. Både A & I älskar denna produkt så mycket och kommer att köpa om den!

The last product in this super kind and thoughtful gift was the What Would Love Do?, solid perfume that smells of tangerines and lavender oils. I have not tried the solid perfumes and this one will definitely be one in my bag this winter season!
/Den sista produkten i denna super snäll och omtänksam gåva var What Would Love Do som är en solid parfym som luktar av mandariner och lavendeloljor. Jag har inte provat de fasta parfymerna och denna här kommer definitivt att vara en i min väska under vintersäsongen!

A & I wanted to thank Lush Cosmetics.
It means the world to us that Lush sent us this thoughtful gift.
/Tack snälla Lush Cosmetics för presenterna.
Vi är så himla tacksamma att ni tänkte på oss!

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And so… This Happened! | Our Engagement Story

On the 10th of November 2017, he proposed… and I said Yes!

I wanted to take a few days before writing this post though many of you may have seen a few posts on my Instagram and Facebook. I guess I would start at the beginning… or sort of.

Vill tillägga att detta inlägg kommer endast vara på engelska.
Engelska är språket jag känner mig trygg att skriva i och uttrycka mig i.
A & I at Akademien the week we met…

A & I met back in 2008-ish at the local student pub/bar through some mutual friends. (Photo above was around the same week we met!) I was working and he was, for once, out. I would say it was love at first sight on my part… It obviously took him a while to find me. We found common ground in being homebodys. Watching movies and intelligent conversation. We love travel and we love being in each others company. Perfect match if I may say so myself.

A & I in Grand Canyon, USA

Fast forward… A & I have been together for over 9 years now so it has been a long wait. I knew he was the one I wanted to spend my life with and have voiced this to him multiple times (okay, okay, many even in direct & blunt ways) that he should find a ring and just get it over with! No romantic gestures, no crazy proposal or audiences. Just a pretty sparkling ring to decorate my ring finger. But no matter how many hints I left, months and years past and the hope of the next step in our relationship was faint. I was happy to live with him and we have an amazing life together no matter if we were engaged or married so after 5 years, I gave up the notion of it.


London Weekend

I wanted to get away for a weekend and I found a good deal on a combo flight & hotel so I booked it! I had warmer climate, shopping and just good food planned. I like London since it isn’t too far of a flight and I feel a bit at home when everyone speaks English and actually understands me (which is hard to find in Sweden). Anyway. We decided to travel on Friday (10th Nov) Morning and just spend a long weekend together. A bit of Primark, a few pharmacies and fast food like Chipotle, Shake Shack and that…

Hyde Park – Kensington Gardens

Our hotel is located near Kensington Gardens and we walked through the park a number of times during our long weekend away. On the way back to the hotel on Friday, we were walking around Kensington Gardens just above the Italian Gardens. The sun was setting and a beautiful autumn day. A called me over to a little hill overlooking the Italian Gardens. I didn’t really get why he was trying so hard to get me to see what he was looking at.

Snapped this one right before he proposed

I was taking a few photos so I made my way to him and he started with ‘This is a long time coming…’ and happiness ran through my blood from head to toe. I believe I said Yes in multiple languages and the ring just made me speechless. Of course I cried and jumped into his arms and probably squeezed him harder than ever.

The Ring

Infinity Two-Toned Cathedral Engagement Ring

I am traditional but I always hated Swedish rings – a plain boring golden band. Nope! I secretly wanted something shiny, something artsy (art deco!) and a mix of metals. I always dreamt of a Sapphire ring but then again, the traditional side of me also wanted a diamond. A & I did try rings in Las Vegas so he knew my size and what I liked. It is just too perfect and A did a fantastic job hiding the ring from me since Las Vegas over the summer!

The Aftermath

It happened so quickly and it still hasn’t really sinked in. Hilariously enough, my head started throbbing and I got a major migraine just a few moments after. We went back to the hotel and I spent probably 2 hours or so tending to my head. A was so sweet and went out to get water and some migraine pills. When I was feeling better… We headed off to Shake Shack. Perfect end to the perfect day!

The Announcement

One of the things I was not looking forward to was the announcement of our engagement. It’s wonderful that so many have sent their congratulations however the follow up question of “Why did it take so long?” and the worse one “So…When’s the wedding?” or… “So when are you due?”…  It just puts such a damper on the engagement. Honestly, I find such questions quite disrespectful. Insulting almost?

So… for many reasons, we held our announcement till a few days later… who can blame us? We wanted to keep our engagement special and between us. Also, we wanted to make sure our families knew before announcing to everyone else.

That’s the story! Thank you all again for all the well wishes and I’m sure wedding and that would sooner or later pop up here from time to time. 

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Neck Pains & Prepping for Christmas…

Unfortunately I have been away from the blog due to health reasons…and work.

I thought I will get on here and let you all in on what has been happening with me since I have been quite quiet lately. I have recently been having neck issues that have been causing a lot of problems especially with my day to day and it has gotten worse the past week.

About 2 weeks ago I was working out with my personal trainer and my left neck muscle was stiffer than usual. I couldnt sleep and so I decided to see a Naprapat for the first time. I am not one for the sound of cracking nor am I comfortable being in pain…who is? Anyway, after my first visit, as you can imagine, I was still in quite a bit of pain. It got better then.. it got worse. So I went back for a second visit and I am still healing from it.

Many of you know I work in a store but not many of you know that I lift quite a bit behind the scenes and during this time of year, that means Christmas. Christmas boxes, Christmas packaging, heavy Christmas decorations for the store… This in combination with my neck problem has been both mentally and physically draining.

I am still not sleeping full nights and I am still in a tad bit of pain when moving or lifting things but I am feeling better and am even taking a weekend away so I hope that things will get back to normal soon. Thats the update. I have a number of posts I am behind on but I will try to write up once I am feeling better.

Ps. The photo was from a few weeks back… ;)
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Blood Tears * Halloween 2017

We had a second round of Halloween at work this weekend and so I decided to get some inspiration from the weeping statues.
/Vi hade en andra runda av Halloween på jobbet i helgen och så bestämde jag att dra inspiration från de gråtande statyerna.

Not to get all religious on you but if you are unfamiliar with Weeping Statues, they are known to be statues that shed tears by supernatural means such as that of blood, oil or even scented liquids. One of the more known weeping statues can be found in Japan and many claim that they have seen apparitions of the blessed Virgin Mary. ANYWAY. Heres what I used in this look!
/För att inte prata för mycket religion, är du inte bekant med gråtande statyer så är de kända för att vara statyer som får tårar genom övernaturliga medel som blod, olja eller även doftande vätskor. En av de mer kända gråtande statyerna finns i Japan och många hävdar att de har sett uppenbarelser av den välsignade Jungfru Maria…. I ALLA FALL. Här är en lista av vad jag använde i denna look!

Kat Von D Lock It Foundation – Light 42
BECCA Cosmetics – Shimmering Skin Perfector – Pearl
Kat Von D Shade & Light Contour Palette
Nudestix Eyebrow Stylus Brown-Black

Inglot purple matte eyeshadow in nr. 377
Morphe Eyeshadows in Copper Spice Palette (Black, Browns)
Coastal Scents Hot Pots – Vibrant Red
Kat Von D Everlasting Lipstick – Outlaw
Sephora Lipgloss – Totally Lucid
Eyelashes – Depend – Kayla

Kat Von D Everlasting Lipstick – Outlaw
Kat Von D Everlasting Lipstick – Exorcism
Nudestix Gel Cream – Wicked

Grey Lenses are from PinkyParadise.
Chocker from Ur & Penn.

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Sadness from Inside Out * Halloween 2017

This year I wanted to be Sadness from Inside Out! Unfortunately with no daylight and to be honest, no time so the photographs doesn’t do the makeup any justice.
/Jag älskade Inside Out och i år ville jag vara Sadness meeeennn tyvärr så finns det inte dagsljus när jag kommer hem (och mina lampor är sönder!) så bilderna har inte fångat hur fint sminkningen är…

Make Up Forever Flash Palette – Blue mixed with some Biotherm Aqua Source Daycream
Make Up Forever Eyeshadow – S228 (Petrol Blue), S234 (Turquoise Blue)
BECCA Shimmer Highlighter – Moonstone

KISSNYPRO Luxury Eye Crayon – Violet
Make Up Forever Aqua Matic – I 22
Isadora Precision Mascara – Blue

KISSNYPRO Belle Soft Matte Lipcream – Anchor Me

PROPS: Eyeglasses from Rusta, actually a pair of christmas glasses that I broke off all excess stuff from and repainted black.
Wig from many maannyy years back …but can be bought on, for example, Ebay.
Lenses from Pinkyparadise – Circle Lenses in Fairy Blue.

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3 New Online-Exclusives at Sephora.se * Farsali, Patchology & Frank Body

If you have missed this news, you are not alone! Sephora.se released 3 new brands, exclusively online and I thought I would just let you know that they are available!
/Om du har missat nyheterna så är du inte ensam! Sephora.se har kommit in med exklusiv märken endast online så jag tänkte bara berätta lite om dem!


Known from Instagram, Farsali is an inbetween makeup and skincare. Sal Ali who created the brand wanted to fill a gap for his wife Farah. You can now try Unicorn Essence or Rose Gold Elixir for 495kr!
/Väldigt känt ifrån Instagram kommer Farsali som är mellan hudvård och makeup. Sal Ali skapade märket och ville egentligen skapa ett produkt åt hans fru. Nu kan du testa Unicorn Essence eller Rose Gold Elixir för 495kr!


Patch Technology was a thing 10 years ago and still is today! Products are created to work for your lifestyle and your needs. “Beauty at the speed of you” is their motto! There are 7 products available from Patchology and range from 65kr-415kr.
/Patch Technology var en grej för 10 år sen och är ännu mer populär nu! Produkterna var skapat för att fungera med din livsstil och behov. “Beauty at the speed of you” är deras motto! Det finns 7 produkter från Patchology och är mellan 65-415kr.

Frank Body

This brand is known for their coffee scrubs and natural skincare that would take care of dry and lifeless skin! There are 10 products available online and range between 105kr-240kr.
/Det finns också produkter för kroppen ifrån Frank Body! De är kända för kaffeskrubb och naturlig hudvård som tar hand om torr och livlös hud! Det finns 10 produkter online och kostar mellan 105kr-240kr.

Have you tried any of these new brands at sephora.se? What product have you tried?
/Har du testat några av de här nya märken på sephora.se? Vilken produkt isf?

*I do work at Sephora however I am not paid nor advised to write about the content of this post. Read more in my PR Policy.
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Rihanna’s Pour It Up Blond Wig Look

For a weekend at work we were all given a Rihanna look (inspired by the Fenty Beauty Launch!). My look is from Pour it Up! I kept this look off Social since I thought it be perfect for Halloween if any of ya’ll want a easy look to create!
/En helg på jobbet fick vi alla en Rihanna look (inspirerad av Fenty Beauty lanseringen!). Min look är från Pour it Up videon! Jag höll den här look ifrån Social media eftersom jag tyckte det var perfekt inför Halloween.. Tänkte det skulle vara enkelt att skapa!

Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Soft Matte
Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation -120
Fenty Beauty Invisimatte Blotting Powder
Fenty Beauty Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter – Metal Moon

NYX high definition eyeshadow base
Make Up Forever Artist Eyeshadow – S852 Neon Pink (Eyebrows)
Kat Von D Contour Eye Palette
Kat Von D Tattoo Liner – Black
Marc Jacobs Major Mascara – Black
KISS Products – Lash Couture Faux Mink Collection – Boudoir

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks – Lovesick
Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer

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